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Susan Sarandon, left, and Geena Davis on January 28 in New York. On video, Davis’ statements on gender inequality in September 2019.

In May 1991 a premiere changed many lives. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, who had met a year earlier to shoot the film Thelma y Louise, by Ridley Scott, they burst the box office and mobilized lethargic lives with a fable that became a cry for survival despite the fact that the two protagonists ended up throwing themselves off a cliff, holding hands and at full throttle, climbed in the same car with which they had managed to escape from routine and abuse.

They taught us to take a selfie with a Polaroid camera, to believe that they would triumph after years of sexist humiliation and humiliation, that a fuck with Brad Pitt (who played a very handsome thief) was well worth a robbery and that that angelic blonde had come to our moviegoer lives to stay. And, although its ending was not destined to be worthy of the classic “they were happy and ate partridges”, they also showed us that one could leave the movie theater gratified clinging to the ephemeral sense of triumphant freedom that the two actresses exuded in the film. , although to maintain it they had to fall.

From all that, from the moment in which Scott decided that Sarandon and Davis would be Louise and Thelma, respectively, 30 years have passed and the two actresses continue to be friends and share in their real life the rebellion they had in their youth or that they inoculated the movie they starred in. Then they marked two milestones: two women became the absolute protagonists of a blockbuster film – actresses today continue to claim complex roles for them in Hollywood – and a film can be a success without remaining anecdotal and becoming a symbol for feminism. Now, in their splendid maturity, they continue to give life lessons.

Susan Saradon, left, and Geena Davis in a scene from Ridley Scott’s ‘Thelma and Louise’. In video, trailer of the film.

Susan Sarandon is 73 years old, two long romantic relationships behind her – a marriage with Chris Sarandon from 1967 to 1979, and a union with fellow actor Tim Robbins, between 1988 and 2009 -, two children with the latter, Jack and Miles, 30 and 27 years old respectively, and a prolific career that has made her a respected actress who has received an Oscar, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Bafta and recognition of her career at the San Sebastian Film Festival, among others.

But Sarandon has become more than an actress over the years; it is also an example for many women. She defends her wrinkles as a sign of life and coherence, her cleavage as a symbol that women do not have to give up being sexy conditioned by age, and takes activism as a flag, a very lucid way of claiming that her fame serves more than to walk her on the red carpet. In 2010 she was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). She does not hesitate to demonstrate – and feel proud to have been arrested – if the cause deserves it and she is not intimidated by even Donald Trump himself if immigration policy is placed between this New Yorker and the president of her country.

His militancy in the face of burning issues that affect women has not waned over the years. If you have to wear black at the Golden Globes to vindicate women and support the Me Too movement, do it. If you have to protest against the death penalty, do it. If you have to give your opinion on a politician, Republican or Democrat, do not hesitate. If telling her partner Paul Newman gave up part of his salary when he found out that she earned less than the male co-stars serves to fight the pay gap, he tells it. And if she had to choose between being an actress and giving up politics, she is clear: for her, being a woman or a mother is more permanent than her profession and that is why she considers her activism a priority.

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, in ‘Thelma and Louise’. Cordon Press

Geena Davis is not lagging behind her co-star and friend. He is 64 years old, with an IQ higher than 98% of the population, a requirement that allows him to be part of Mensa, the High IQ Society. She has been married three times, one year to Richard Emmolo and then 13 years to actor Jeff Goldblum. Since 2001 he has shared his life with Reza Jarrahy, a doctor with whom he has had three children Alizeh, 17, and twins Kian and Kaiis, 15. He has two Oscars and a Golden Globe and, as in the case of his partner, Susan Sarandon, activism is an inseparable part of her life, especially on issues related to the defense of women’s rights.

He has not hesitated to acknowledge that Thelma y Louise made her a feminist. For her, like many other women, it changed her life. She supports the Women’s Sport Foundation, defends laws focused on equal sporting opportunities and prohibiting gender discrimination, and created the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media in 2007. Its objective: to increase the presence of female characters in the media. And, in case this feminist militancy knows little, Davis is also the promoter of the Bentonville Film Festival that seeks to make gender equality and diversity visible, in addition to convincing the industry that doing so is profitable.

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis prove that what they united Thelma y Louise the passing of the years has not separated it. Many women will also feel recognized in them, because to see who has not said at some point, “send it all to hell and we are going to make a Thelma and Louise”. Although the end of the adventure has been happier than the one in the film and does not contemplate ending up flying into the abyss in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.