Superman Day: why it is celebrated on June 12 | Superman Day | Spoiler

Happy Superman Day! The famous man of steel is celebrating This Saturday June 12 and fans from all over the world celebrate the character which was recently played by Henry Cavill. Already without the British in the role, the superhero is at a key moment in his rich history and everything can change from now on. Learn about the origin of memorial day and the journey the Kryptonian traveled through over the years!

Why is June 12 celebrated Superman’s Day?

The idea of ​​creating a date dedicated to Superman was born in 2013 when the The man of steel by Zack Snyder and they were fulfilled 75 years of the appearance of the character. Precisely June 12, 1938 came to light in the post Action Comics 1 and the fans wanted to pay tribute to its creators Jerry Siegel Y Joe Shuster.

Superman’s first appearance in history (@DCSuperman)

The birth of the hero is even prior to his first time on paper: in 1933 his ideologues used the term “Superman” in a story called “The Reign of the Super-Man”. From there, a long way was traveled to reach the character that is known today: the figure of the actor was chosen for the body Douglas Fairbanks and his alter ego, Clark Kent, de Harold Lloyd.

Superman is considered the first global superhero to exist. His creation gave rise to other similar characters and his figure was related to the power of the human being. According to the comic, it tries to convey to people the sense of justice and security that the State must give to the modern citizen. The S symbol inspired musicians, comedians, and writers through time.

Superman Day

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Its impact was greatest when it came to film and television, where it had various adaptations. In total there were 10 actors who had in honor of interpreting it: Kirk Alyn (Superman 1948 y Atom Man Vs. Superman), George Reeves (Superman And The Mole Men y Adventures Of Superman TV Show), Christopher Reeve (Superman 1978 – Superman 4), John Haymes Newton & Gerard Christopher (Superboy TV Show), Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman), Tom Welling (Smallville & Crisis On Infinite Earths), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns & Crisis On Infinite Earths), Henry Cavill (Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman y Justice League) y Tyler Hoechlin (Arrowverse Shows).

In 2021, the Man of Steel lives a crucial moment in his history: Warner Bros. decided to fire Cavill and wants a black performer for the role for the first time. Still without official confirmations, Michael B. Jordan points out as the highest candidate to receive such a privilege.

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