Sun for street children

In this world we live in, around 160 million children are exploited through work. Children of the Sun, written and directed by Iranian Majid Majidi, puts your finger on this yaga with a sensitive and well-told story that is supported by the brilliant performances of four non-professional kids who survive on the streets of Tehran. The cinema is also a luminous platform for denunciation.

Ali, a 12-year-old boy, and his three friends work to survive and help their families by bottling a car shop and committing petty crimes to get quick money.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ali is tasked with finding a hidden treasure underground. To do this, he recruits his friends, but before starting the mission, and in order to carry out his plan, they have to enroll in the Escuela del Sol, a charitable institution that tries to educate homeless children and is located just above where it supposedly is. the treasure. In their eager search the kids begin to dig …

Majidi (Tehran, 1959) is part of the admirable group of Iranian filmmakers who, through good, magnificent feature films that focus on issues of deep social significance, have succeeded in making the cinematography of their country figure now, and with all rights, at festivals and screens around the world. Already in 1997 it became with Children of heaven in the first Iranian candidate for the Oscar in the category of best foreign film.

With Children of the Sun the director, screenwriter and producer, who confesses that what interests him most about cinema is its humanistic aspect, portrays the harsh reality of the work to which some little ones are forced “who lack the human right to education. So deep down, the message that the film tries to convey is that we are all responsible for these children, many of whom are extremely talented. It is simply intolerable that their social and economic status condemns them to a future with few opportunities and almost zero prospects. They are looking for a treasure but it is nothing more than a narrative pretext, because the reality is that the treasure is themselves. We have a moral obligation to protect their vulnerability ”.

With her proven mastery of directing actors, Majidi guides young people who have never been before a camera. Everything breathes naturally to build an honest film, halfway between drama and adventure film, which also uses humor to denounce, without resorting to pamphlet tones, a cruel and inadmissible reality.

When explaining the reasons for his choice, the director comments that in the search for authenticity he opted for children who had experienced the difficulties that the film portrays: “a question that would be much more difficult for professional child actors to improvise”. It should be noted that Rouhollah Zamani, one of these street kids and the main protagonist of the film, won the Marcello Mastroianni award for the best emerging performer at the last Venice Film Festival.

Do not miss the adventure that they live in the subsoil of Tehran.

Children of the Sun

Direction: Majid Majidi

Guion: Nima Javidi, M. Majidi

Intérpretes: Shamila Shirzad, Ali Nassirian, Mohammad Javad Ezzati, Tannaz Tabatabayi, Safar Mohammadi, Ali Ghabeshi, Rouhollah Zamani y Abolfazl Shirzad

Photograph: Hooman Behmanesh

Iran / 2020/99 minutes