Stay ahead of summer with the self-tanner used by Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey

Although summer is a few weeks away, the warm days have already begun, so short garments have already made their appearance this year. So before you can hit the beach to tan in the sun, you probably want to have brown skin to show off with shorts and T-shirts. The good news is that no need to leave home to get it; with the self tanners —Cream, mousse, spray, or mask type— you can get a natural looking brunette easily. On Showroom we have chosen the seven best, including the James Read night mask, which is the favorite of celebrities like Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey.

James Read night tanning mask

If you have to trust someone’s criteria when deciding to buy a self-tanner, what better than that of international celebrities, who tend to take care of their appearance like nobody else with the best products. It is the case of this night mask, the favorite of Lady Gaga, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Mariah Carey to tan the face. It is best to apply before going to bed, so work while you sleep, with a cucumber formula, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and vitamins B5 and E that nourish the skin. In addition, it also has red algae extract to hydrate and remove the signs of aging.

St. Tropez Self Tanning Foam

This is one of the most popular self tanners on Amazon, where you accumulate more than 2,200 positive reviews Of customers. It is a mousse with an advanced formula of fast action 3 in 1, which produces a tan of natural look and long lasting. You just have to leave it on the skin for as long as you need (one hour for a light tan; two for a medium golden; and three for a deep and dark tone), applying it with light movements and starting with the legs. His texture is rich and smooth, suitable for all skin types, and does not leave stains or scent of bronzer.

autobronceador st tropez

Collistar body self-tanner

Made with oil walnut shell, DHA and vitamin E, this self tanner liquid concentrate it will help you achieve the brunette tone you are looking for for the summer. It is no coincidence that I have almost 2,000 positive ratings on Amazon. Its presentation in the form of dropper applicator helps you use the exact amounts, depending on the level of tan you want to achieve. The package contains 30 ml.

suntan cream

St. Moriz Body Self Tanner

The best thing about this self-tanner is its mousse formula, which makes it very easy to apply to achieve the desired results. It is made with olive milk and vitamin E, so it allows to obtain a all-natural-looking, streak-free tan. It is enough to exfoliate the skin and moisten the dry areas (knees, feet, elbows and ankles), and then apply it with circular movements and using a glove. On Amazon you have almost 3,000 positive ratings Of customers.

autobronceador st moriz

Collistar magic drops

This self tanner from light texture is a formula especially suitable for body and legs. Their results appear quickly on the skin and leaves it with a light, silky and slightly scented touch. What’s more, hydrates and tones the skin to make it more flexible and smooth. It is easy to apply and, since the skin absorbs it in an instant, you can dress right after applying it.

self tanning creams

Avene Moisturizing Self Tanning

On just one hour and without the need for sun, your skin will acquire a even, natural-toned tan. That’s the secret of this self-tanning milk, which works especially well on sensitive skin by hydrating them with glycerin. Its consistency is light, fat-free and delicately scented. Likewise, its application is simple and fast, no risk of staining or streaking on the skin.

self tanner avene

Spray autobronceador Bioderma Photoderm

If you want a product with a faster and more practical application, this self-tanning spray is what you are looking for. Provides a mist that generates a natural, uniform and progressive tan, so you can decide the tone you want to achieve. I know dries instantly when in contact with the skin, so does not stain clothing or leave marks on the body, and increases the level of hydration. Your diffuser can be placed in different positions to make the application easier.

autobronceador bioderma

* All prices included in this article are updated as of 05/31/2021.