Spanish sports see a star in Adriana Cerezo

“Oh yeah yeah… The Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee thing”. The never ending story. What began as a typical home anecdote of any traditional portrait – a girl who is fond of martial arts action movies – has ended in an Olympic silver. And his sports career has only just begun. Adriana Cerezo has achieved a metal before in the Olympic Games than to get a driver’s license. It’s what it takes to achieve a dream that many athletes pursue their entire lives at age 17. What was confirmed on the Tokyo tatami began years ago, when his grandfather decided to ignore his mother, Mar, and point her to that contact sport that caught his attention: taekwondo.

Champion’s tears: Adriana Cerezo gets the first Spanish silver in Tokyo

Alberto Ramirez

While her parents gathered with family and friends in a rural house more than 10,000 kilometers away from Tokyo to watch the tournament, Adriana Cerezo took out her nerves before the fights by dedicating smiles to the camera. If there was no public and her loved ones could not accompany her in Japanese lands, at least she would send them forces with the “let’s go!” that resounded in the Makuhari Messe, headquarters of the discipline. Despite reaching the final in full swing against the Thai Panipak Wongpattanakit, she drew experience to win her first private match with a kick with five seconds to go that turned the scoreboard. At 23 years old, Panipak started as the great favorite of the discipline in -49 kg, arrived in Japan as number 1 in the international ‘ranking’ and as the current world champion. “It has won me well“Adriana herself admitted to the RTVE microphones after the fight.

Adriana’s disappointment after losing the gold. (EFE)

The images of the tears of the young woman from Madrid showed how capable she looked to win the gold: “The feeling is a bit bittersweet, because I have lost the gold medal, but I am very happy with what I have achieved.” “I want to thank everyone, every time I opened the mobile I saw that Spain was at the top of me. I know that my family is very happy and proud of me and I hope they have not suffered much today” added the young woman, who came to Tokyo as a promise of Spanish sport and left turned into a reality. “A world taekwondo star has been born,” said Alejandro Blanco, president of the International Olympic Committee.

Selectivity and the Olympic Games as an end-of-year trip

While her high school classmates will have taken the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved vacation before starting university studies, Adriana went to Tokyo to play the Olympic Games. “It’s my end of year trip”He would admit in an interview with El Confidencial, when he was still preparing for the Selectividad exams. This surpassed it and with a note, specifically with a 13 out of 14. Many hours of study in pavilions, on trains, in airplanes or by car paid off. Studies were a red line for his family if he wanted to continue dedicating himself to taekwondo, discipline that he classifies as “his life” without hesitating for just a second. Perhaps one of the secrets to his success is his passion for coming to train every day. It is not an obligation for her, it is an enjoyment.

Photo: Adriana Cerezo (left) at the 2020 European Taekwondo Championships, in which she was a silver medalist.  (EFE)
Spanish taekwondo: debut in Tokyo and new complaints in Madrid

Pedro Cifuentes

Although at first his intentions were to study Health Biology, he has finally opted for Criminology. Although its immediate future is not understood if it is not on a tatami. “What is my roof? I don’t know, but there will be some, now it’s time to find out”She responded – somewhat calmer and having assumed the enormous achievement that an Olympic silver represents – with the charisma that has conquered Spanish Olympic fans.

Since that time her grandfather took her by the hand to take her to a gym to practice taekwondo, thirteen years have passed. “Ah, yes, yes… The Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee thing,” he responded to this newspaper when asked about that funny anecdote about how his passion for martial arts arises. He could not hide a certain tiredness because the same song was always repeated, although he answered with the same knowing how to be with the one who congratulated Panipak after losing the final. Adriana still did not know that every legend has its origin. And your story has only just begun to be written in these Olympic Games that you will never forget.