“Something exciting …”: Selena Gomez gave an intriguing sneak peek on her Instagram. What is she planning?

USA.- Selena Gomez she is concentrating a lot on her music and her makeup brand, Rare Beauty. So his latest posts from Instagram these two topics are generally covered. But on this occasion, the American singer gave a preview of what her next project will be, related to a bikinis brand and underwear.

Through your Instagram feed, Selena Gomez shared a photo of her in the foreground. In this, the celebrity posed in a colorful kimono, green nails, and eye-catching makeup. This one is made up of a blush on her cheeks, a pink shadow on her eyes, and a nude brown lipstick. In the caption he wrote: “Something exciting will happen this Saturday @lamariette.”

La Mariette is a haute couture brand dedicated to the manufacture of swimwear and underwear. Apparently, Selena Gomez will make a photographic production with this renowned brand, which has almost half a million followers on Instagram. This publication reached more than five million likes in just nine hours and around 44,000 comments from its followers.

Instagram: @selenagomez

Apparently, her fans weren’t expecting this collaboration from the celebrity, as she usually tends to announce it earlier. In the comments, many Instagram users praised her beauty and were excited about the future production. Some accounts even debated if the photos will be available on Saturday or if the shooting will be that day.

Besides La Mariette, there were also others involved in this session. This can be seen because Selena Gomez tagged them in her post. Jenna Nicole she was in charge of makeup, Isabel Alysa of your skin, Tom Bachik nails, and Marissa Marino of her hairstyle. The American singer was also in charge of sharing the post in her stories.