Six gems from the HBO Max movie catalog

In the previous one, the inclusion of a large part of the HBO titles and the WarnerMedia properties was suggested, but only in its premiere, on the morning of this Tuesday 29, was the complete catalog of HBO Max, the streaming service that intends to dispute it land to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +.

The landing of the platform confirmed the presence of Clint Eastwood, Stanley Kubrick and seven of their films, and only two films by Orson Welles (Citizen Kane Y However, the mal), as well as the dominance of the franchises: Batman, Superman, Mad Max, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Fast and Furious.

On the day of the debut, here is a review for other films that are worth revisiting or betting for the first time:

The 1979 film remains vibrant in its portrayal of two groups of young people in early 1960s London, to the rhythm of compositions authored by Pete Townshend. Its director, Franc Roddam, has not made a film for the cinema in almost 30 years, but his first film was a testament to his time that has aged well, just like the musical work of The Who in which it is based. Separate point for the performance of a twenty-something Sting and an even younger Ray Winstone (The infiltrators).

Quadrophenia (1979).

The family portrait, which Paul Thomas Anderson smuggled in his exploration of the world of porn, is one of the undisputed triumphs of the 90s. Mark Wahlberg as protagonist, Julianne Moore as the female star of films by director Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds ) and Heather Graham as the iconic “Rollergirl.” Somewhat less devastating in its examination of the human condition than Magnolia (1999), but just as gigantic.

Boogie nights (1997).

Of all John Huston’s extensive filmography, HBO Max has only The Maltese Falcon (1941), his debut feature, and with this huge film that he released seven years later, about the search for gold that a trio of tramps undertake, one of them played by Humphrey Bogart. Huston, fresh from the war when he made this movie, imagines the wildest version of the adventure to craft a brilliant essay on greed.

The treasure of Sierra Madre (1848).

Joaquin Phoenix is ‚Äč‚Äčtorn between two loves in this powerful film by James Gray (Ad Astra) 13 years ago. One, played by Vinessa Shaw, is the daughter of her dad’s partner, and the other is a woman who has just moved into her neighborhood (played by Gwyneth Paltrow before she decided to act almost solely for Marvel). The conflict is less electric than one might expect, but it is precisely in its repose that the film achieves its greatest virtues.

Two lovers (2008).

Essential thriller by Austrian Fred Zinnemann that begins with the assassination attempt on French President Charles de Gaulle in 1962 and concocts a fascinating puzzle based on the gaze of the man hired to carry out the attack. The film inspired the disappointing 1997 film with Bruce Willis in the title role and Richard Gere as his hunter.

The day of the Jackal (1973).

The platform adds some good titles from the last couple of years, such as Pain and glory, 1971 Y Never, rarely, sometimes, always. It is also noted with this film by Robert Eggers (The witch) in which Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson play a lighthouse keeper and his assistant on a New England island in the late 1800s. Disconcerting and ambitious, she propelled her director beyond the chorus of voices that make terror on their own terms.

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse (2019). Photo: A24