Sitges presents Endimaris, a new LGTBIQ + film event

Sitges presents Endimaris, a new LGTBIQ + film event

• The Sitges Prado Cinema hosts the first Endimari Sitges cinema exhibition, which will also be a space to debate different aspects of the reality experienced by the LGTBIQ + community.

• Héctor Lozano, creator of the series ‘Merlin’ and ‘Merlin Sapere Aude’ will receive the Endimaris Sitges Award.

The Sitges Prado Cinema hosts the 1st LGTBIQ + Endimaris Sitges Film Festival, which will take place from June 24 to July 1. Cineclub Sitges and the Asociación Colores Sitges Link, with the collaboration of the Sitges City Council, organize this event with the aim of giving more visibility to the LGTBIQ + community through cinema. The sessions will be complemented with colloquia and presentations to debate and reflect on the issues raised in the films and give voice to the audience that will be able to interact with the guests. The Endimaris presentation ceremony, today at the Prado Casino, was attended by the Councilor for Tourism, Luís Miguel Garcia, who demonstrated “the support of the Sitges City Council for quality cultural events and, in this case , with greater emphasis on the double artistic task around filmmaking and on the function of raising awareness and vindication of the rights of LGTBIQ + people «.

Director Marc Ferrer will be in Sitges to present ‘¡Corten!’; an explosive giallo and queer cocktail, which could be seen at the latest edition of the D’A Film Festival and which will be in charge of firing the show on Thursday, June 24. ‘Cut!’ It can also be seen on Sunday June 27, in a special session with the presence of La Prohibida, the protagonist of the film who will also be the special guest of the ‘Summer Colors Party’ organized by Colors Sitges Link.

One of the highlights of the show will be the British production ‘Supernova’ by director Harry Macqueen and starring Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci. The two actors deliver masterful performances in a strong, surprising and highly emotional story. The film, which was part of the official section of the last San Sebastian Festival, will be screened on Saturday, June 26.

The Endimaris Sitges Exhibition will explore corrective rape, a shocking theme raised in the film ‘Now you are a Woman’, by the director Alba Muñoz, which presents the story of Gerald Hayo, activist and survivor of this extreme practice against women lesbians

The situation of the LGTBIQ + community within the security forces and the police will also be debated with the projection of ‘Poppy Field’. A Romanian production, winner of the Talents award, in the latest edition of the D’A Film Festival, which presents the story of a policeman who keeps his sexuality a secret and must intervene when an ultra-nationalist homophobic group attacks those attending a movie screening queer.

The show will feature a session dedicated to Asian LGTBIQ + cinema, with the collaboration of CINEASIA, which will present the film ‘Suk-Suk’. This Hong Kong production shows the love story between two 70-year-old parents who meet again and decide to stop hiding their sexual identity and start a new life together.

Endimaris Sitges will screen two musicals registered in the West End of London and which have made a brief tour of the screens of international cinemas. The London Adelphi Theater production of ‘Kinky Boots’ with music by Cindi Lauper, and’ Everybody ‘s talking about Jamie’, recorded at the Apollo Theater in the British capital.

Roland Emmerich’s ‘Stonewall’; ‘Lola towards the mer’ by Belgian director Laurent Micheli; the award-winning Brazilian production, ‘Tinta Sucia’, and the Spanish ‘Grímsey’, are other productions that can be seen at the Endimaris Sitges Exhibition.

The cycle will end on Thursday, July 1 with the screening of ‘Cicada’, a North American production, which presents a young bisexual man who must face his fears about the feelings he has for another man. The film won the New York ‘s LGBT Film Festival Honorable Mention, the Out Film CT Jury Prize, and the Oslo / Fusion International Film Festival Audience Award.

Although the Endimari Sitges Film Festival is not a competitive event with a track record, the Endimaris Sitges Award has been created to recognize those audiovisual productions that have made an important contribution to the visibility of the LGTBIQ + community through the cinema or television. This year they will collect the first prize Endimaris Sitges Héctor Lozano and Menna Fité, creator and director respectively of the series ‘Merlin’ and ‘Merlin Sapere Aude’. Two series that raise awareness among the population and normalize many of the situations that the LGTBIQ + community currently suffers, through issues such as the HIV virus, which today still remains a stigma. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, July 1, during the closing session of the Exhibition.

Tickets can be purchased from June 10 on the website: or at the Prado Cinema box office in Sitges.

Why Endimaris Sitges?

“Endimaris” is a Catalan expression, originating in the Garraf territory, which means: “Person or thing that is useless or that hinders; Junk, useless utensil ». This expression describes how society in general has treated LGTBIQ + people throughout history. This election follows the queer community’s tendency to positivize and turn around concepts formerly used against in a pejorative way.

The Birth of a new film event in Sitges

The Cinema LGTBIQ + Endimaris Sitges exhibition was born as a result of the collaboration between the Cineclub Sitges entities and Colores Sitges Link Asociación LGTBIQ + to give visibility to the reality of the LGTBIQ + community and become a space for open debate.

Sitges is a reference municipality of the LGTBIQ + Collective and also a cinematographic one, since it hosts the most important fantasy genre festival in the world, the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, and has two centenary cinemas of the oldest in the world. Condition.

Sitges Endimaris has the support of the Sitges City Council, Sitges Anytime, Casino Prado Suburense and the collaboration of Queenz, Geido Cosméticos, Cavas Llopart and the Vinoteca Perbacco. It also has other collaborators such as the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, CineAsia, DE A Film Festival, LesGaiCineMad, Zinentiendo, Sitges Museums, La Cañateca Sitges, and the Double A Company of the IAB.

Endimaris Sitges Programming: I Sitges LGTBIQ + Film Show

Thursday June 24

8pm Inauguration ‘Corten!’
With the presence of Marc Ferrer, director of the film

Friday June 25

18 h ‘Now you are a Woman’ (VOSE)
Cineforum Endimaris with the film’s director, Alba Muñoz

20:30 h ‘Lola Hacia la Mer’ (VOSE)
Cineforum Endimari with Carlos Vilagrassa, vice president of the Now Where Foundation, and Ian Bermúdez, writer

Saturday June 26
6pm CineAsia Session: ‘Suk- Suk’ (VOSE)
CineAsia Special Session with Enrique Garcelán and Gloria Fernández (CineAsia)

8:30 pm Special Session: ‘Supernova’ (VOSE)
Cineforum Endimaris with Juan Carlos Uriszar, psychologists

Sunday June 27

12 noon Special session: ‘Cut!’ + ‘Summer Colors Party’
With the presence of La Prohibida, the protagonist of the film

18 h ‘Poppy Field’ (VOSE)
Cineforum Endimaris with a representative of the Gaylespol Association

20:30 h Musicales LGTBIQ +: ‘Kinky Boots’ (VOSE)

Monday June 28

8pm Special Session 10 years Colors Sitges Link: ‘Stonewall’ (VOSE)

Tuesday June 29

18 h Sesión especial: ‘100 years in the Gay History of Sitges’
Cineforum Endimaris with Brandon Jones, director, and Montserrat Esquerda, writer and researcher on local issues in Sitges.

20:30 h ‘Dirty Ink’ (VOSE)
Cineforum Endimaris with David Matamoros, producer

Wednesday June 30

18 h ‘Grímsey’ (VOSE)
Cineforum Endimaris with Raúl Portero, director of the film, and Gloria Díez, psychologist

20:30 h Musicales LGTBIQ +: ‘Everybody’ s Talking About Jamie ‘(VOSE)

Thursday July 1
8pm Closing Session: ‘Cicada’ (VOSE)
Cineforum Endimaris with Robert Monzonis, psychologist and author of the book ‘Amor de Iu’