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The Chateau Marmont was built in 1929 inspired by a castle in the French Loire Valley, the Chateau D’Amboise, one of the homes frequented by Mary, the Queen of Scots. But the royal stayed with the structure, because its walls have known all kinds of scandals and extravagances of the famous who have frequented it (probably like other palaces in the world).

Located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, it is somewhat decadent and even dated according to the Hollywood chroniclers, but it has become a myth that movie and music stars feel an attraction that can only be explained in a sentence that attributed to Harry Cohn, director of Columbia Pictures in the 1930s: “If you want to get in trouble, do it at the Marmont.” It began as an apartment building and in the 1950s it became a 64-room hotel, although to call them that is an understatement because they all have kitchens and many different lurid stories to tell.

Those who know its history affirm that celebrities are still attracted to the hotel because there they can have their moment Norma Desmond, that character that Gloria Swanson immortalized in Twilight of the gods, an actress who, unable to accept that her glory days are past, feels alive again when she is reflected in the admiration of other actors. Expressed in a less poetic way, between equals everything is admitted and they will also understand it.

The anecdotes that occurred in this hotel are endless: James Dean sneaked through one of its windows to get an audition in Rebel without a cause. Judy Garland sang at night leaning on the piano in her reception, the same place where the members of Led Zeppelin rode their Harleys or raced through its corridors competing with the hotel bellhop. Photographer Terry Richardson has used its walls as a background in many of his works. And the British singer Lily Allen is assured that she wrote her song Fuck You during one of his long stays at the hotel.

The Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles.GETTY

But in addition to facts that have become legends, having 24-hour service, guaranteeing privacy whatever you do – if you are famous enough, of course – the client can boast of staying in rooms that could tell sordid moments of some of their idols . In 1982, for example, in one of them the actor and comedian John Belushi died of a drug overdose, after having been housed in one of his bungalows for five days in which cocaine and heroin ran like there was no tomorrow. A death that, although it seems a contradiction, once again put the hotel in the spotlight. The artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, according to a report published by New York Post, wanted to stay in this same room and also the musician Rick James, who according to published The Post, had to be resuscitated in that establishment for an overdose.

Years before, stars from other decades also lived their adventures within its walls. Actress Jean Harlow stayed at the Marmont with her third husband, Harold Rosson, and legend has it that the newlyweds settled in a room adjoining the one occupied by Clark Gable, with whom the new wife was having an affair. Sexual adventures that historians of the place also assure had another famous trio, actress Natalie Wood, director Nicholas Ray and actor Dennis Hopper. They say that the actress already had her affairs with the director as a teenager in one of the hotel rooms, the place where Nicholas Ray had taken refuge after catching his wife, actress Gloria Grahame, having sex with one of his sons from a previous marriage. Sunday afternoons were pool party time, where Hollywood studio executives and aspiring stars mingled in the worst and best of senses. According to the sharp tongues of Hollywood, Dennis Hopper was also one of those who regularly organized orgies in the hotel.

But the scandals have not been only in the so-called golden age of Hollywood. In the last 20 years, your rooms and hotel staff have seen a lot, too. Marvin Gaye died with a debt of more than $ 15,000 (more than 13,000 euros) to the hotel; photographer Helmut Newton died when he lost control of his car in 2004 when he was leaving the Marmont. Britney Spears was banned in 2007 for her bad manners and actress Lindsay Lohan was invited to leave in 2012 after accumulating a debt that exceeded $ 46,000 (just over 41,000 euros).

In 2004 rumors claimed that Benicio del Toro and Scarlett Johansson lived out their sexual fantasy in one of the hotel elevators after the Oscars ceremony and that on another occasion they were expelled for bad behavior. The same one that actor Heath Ledger had that in 2006 was recorded in one of the balconies of the establishment consuming cocaine. Although there have also been more gastronomic parties such as the one organized by Jay Z and Beyoncé in the Marmont garage turned into a luxurious living area and where Jamie Foxx, Rihanna or Leonardo DiCaprio had a feast of caviar and champagne.

What happens in the Marmont stays in the Marmont, but many people know it.