Seven steps to get Jennifer Lopez’s abs

We were not surprised at all to see Jennifer Lopez showing off her abs on the street again. He has done it on multiple occasions, also on his networks. It shows that takes pride in the physical work that is put into every day but seeing that six pack It has been impossible not to ask ourselves if it is a realistic goal to set that benchmark for ourselves as an objective to achieve.

The first thing that becomes clear to us is that whoever wants something, something costs him. That is, without effort and a lot of dedication it is impossible that we manage to emulate the singer. To show a button: in addition to a brutal exercise program every day, always dedicate a few minutes to a series of 150 sit-ups a day that he distributes in three series: 50 on the floor, 50 with a rope and as many more with weights. That every day. He never skips it (or very rarely), he doesn’t care if he’s on vacation, his sports program never leaves him. Nor does she forget her nutritional plan, which is essential to be able to be that toned.

How to get those abs

If you are truly convinced of your purpose and do not think to give up, you must bear in mind that the basis of everything is perseverance and effort. In order to achieve this, instead, we offer you the expert advice that tell us how we can mark the muscles of our gut. Alex GarcĂ­a, director of the boutique gym Fit Club Madrid and Charles Orrico, nutritionist and advisor of the same sports center, share their recommendations to achieve marked abs following healthy guidelines.

  • Train dailyAlways according to your physical condition – each person is different – and try to do the sit-ups with the same frequency as the rest of the body.
  • Make between 15 – 20 reps per series.
  • Rest well Between days, rest is a very important part of muscle development: Therefore, maintaining a good training plan is ideal.
  • Run the exercises with as much awareness as possible so that you keep all your concentration on the exercise itself. If you do them with the supervision of a professional who will indicate the correct execution from the beginning, it will help a lot in the proper evolution.
  • Add the abs to all training systemIt is very important to maintain a strong core to perform any exercise.
  • It is necessary to carry out a personalized diet focused on this goal. If your current fat percentage is low, it is very likely that you will start to notice good results very quickly. However, if your physical condition is not optimal, it does not matter if you do 100 or 1000 repetitions of abdominals since your fat percentage will not allow you to see the desired results.
  • Looking for you pre-workout meal is light Because it will help you feel less heavy and inflamed during it, thus allowing you to give the most of yourself in each session.