Secret Invasion | Tentative Title and Crossover Details | Spoiler

Secret Invasion will be a crossover in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will include many brand characters and will surely change to MCU forever. Today was released the news that the miniseries has a “tentative title” for its filming in England: Jambalaya. Rumor has it that cameras will start rolling this brand new entry the following spring.

In the comics Secret Invasion reveals that characters in various positions of power, including superheroes and villains, have been replaced by a shapeshifting alien race, the Skrulls. These characters were introduced to MCU on Captain Marvel like peaceful refugees looking for a place to live. They also replaced Nick Fury y Maria Hill while they were in outer space.

Production of Secret Invasion begins shortly

The versions we knew of the Skrulls they had no powers because the rights of those characters belonged to Fox. Now what Disney bought that production company, Marvel can access the Super SkrullsDangerous shapeshifters that can even mimic the powers of heroes and villains.

The show is billed as a crossover event and it is expected that the protagonists of The Marvels be part of the cast. More if the importance of the organization is taken into account S.W.O.R.D. in both projects. It is also worth noting that the film of Our DaCosta it is being filmed in England, thus facilitating the crossing of characters.

Are the Skrulls a threat? (Photo: IMDB)

The impressive cast of Secret Invasion includes Samuel L. Jackson como Nick Fury, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, the Oscar winner Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Kingsley Ben-Adir y Christopher McDonald. The script is in charge of Kyle Bradstreet and the directors are Thomas Bezhucha and Ali Selim.

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