Scientology, the religion of the famous

If a man really wants to earn money, the best thing he can do is create his own religion. ‘ This maxim with which Lafayette Ron Hubbard, a science fiction novelist, addressed a writers’ convention, would be prescient.

Hubbard believed himself called to higher feats and would not give up until he achieved his goal. Born in Tilsen Nebraska in 1911, he studied engineering, a career he dropped out of in the first year. Despite this, Hubbard called himself a nuclear engineer.

In 1950, when he was serving a sentence accused of fraud, luck knocked on his door. Behind bars write Dianetics. The modern science of mental health. The work achieves a great sales success. Three years later, he founded the Church of Scientology. Its worldwide expansion is immediate.

“Scientology is harmful to society and constitutes a serious danger to all those who submit to its precepts,” said Health Minister Kenneth Robinson in 1968. Immediately afterwards, James Callaghari, Minister of the Interior, gives the opportune instructions so that the British citizens captured by Scientology, are able to see the truth. At the time Ron Hubbard, founder of the sect, was prohibited from entering the United Kingdom.

‘Scientology is harmful to society and constitutes a serious danger to all those who submit to its precepts’

Hubbart had landed in East-Greenstead, Sussex, in mid-1965, a quaint town of 10,000, proud of its parish church, its only tourist attraction.

But one fine day some strange travelers from Australia arrived and set up their headquarters in its confines, in which it was the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. An eighty-room palace, surrounded by a vast park. The travelers, friendly and dressed in nuclear white, were under the orders of Lafayette Ron Hubbard, a great preacher of Scientology, who after being expelled from Australia by the authorities was looking for a new stone on which to build his church.

In those years, the average citizen confused technology with Scientology, but Hubbard was very clear about the essence of his sect: ‘It is an applied religious philosophy, far from any empirical principle, but close to the metaphysical ideal, whose objective is to save humanity. of corruption through the conquest of the world and of business, banking, politics and the press’ …

Headquarters of Scientology in Los Angeles


What? Citizens continue ‘in albis’. Is it a Masonic sect, a new religion, a lobby …? Or the elucubration of an enlightened man with an air of grandeur and a keen entrepreneurial nose, eager to seize power? Be that as it may, Hubbard had forged a plan and meticulously carried it out.

We highlight the dates that have marked the evolution of the sect from its beginnings to the present day:

– 1977: Scientologists number in the thousands across Europe, numbering around 674,000 followers across Europe. Banned in England and Germany, it is under judicial investigation in France, the United States and Switzerland.

– 1984: Dianetics is once again called into question, courts in the US and several European countries label it as a ‘corrupt, sinister and dangerous organization and Hubbard himself as’ a pathological liars and a charlatan’. His second wife described him more concisely: ‘Ron is hopelessly mad.’

Dianetics was called into question: courts in the US and several European countries described it as a ‘corrupt, sinister and dangerous’ organization

– January 24, 1986: ” Ron ‘for the friends and faithful of his sect, dies at 74 years of age. The highly successful prophet, novelist, engineer, and businessman leaves behind a $ 600 million inheritance.

– 1987: Persecuted in Italy for using criminal techniques, the Hubbard sect maintains seven centers in Spain. The organization attracts customers by conducting personal knowledge surveys on the street.

– 1988: Narconon Scandal: Madrid, November 21, 1988, raid against the International Church of Scientology. November 23, justice against sectarian organizations, six members of the sect are expelled. The judge imprisons nine of its members.

– 2001: 55,000 citizens follow their beliefs, as human beings who have forgotten their true nature, but that number fell in 2008, to 25,000.


Tom Cruise, Juliette Lewis and John Travolta are some of the famous people captured by Scientology


– 2009: A 35-year member of the organization, Paul Haggis, director of the Oscar-winning film for Crash, writes a Scientology resignation letter that is leaked to the press, in which he expresses his outrage at the support of the San Diego church for Proposition 8, which prohibits same-sex marriage. The filmmaker also denounces his rejection of the denial of the senior church executives about the imposed policies: “I felt outraged and frankly, more than stupid.” Shortly after Haggis discovers that David Miscavige, leader of the church’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, denies the existence of disconnection practices, which force his followers to cut off all relationships with those members who speak ill of ‘religion’ .

That same year Travolta is criticized after the death of his son Jett for allegedly not administering the necessary medicine to prevent the attacks he suffered from his autism. Shortly thereafter, psychiatrist Pat McGorry requests a Senate review of the organization’s practices regarding the treatment of mental patients. Most of the members of Scientology are oblivious to these abuses, since the hierarchy focuses all its dedication on its most precious members: celebrities, who are those who maintain the organization with their income.

The hierarchy focuses on celebrities, who are the ones who maintain the organization with their donations

– 2010: More than 50 years after the founding of the sect, The New York Times publishes a report on two detractors of the Church Sea Organization of Clearwater, Florida, who denounce abuses by the executives of the religious group.

– 2012: Tom Cruise, one of the highest standards of the organization who visited Spain for it, divorces his third wife, also actress Katie Holmes. The actor is forced to confess that Scientology is the reason for his divorce. Holmes will declare years later that he had feared for the safety of Suri, the actor’s only natural daughter.

– 2013: Leah Remini, joins the group of celebrities who leave the sect, among others, Jerry Seinfield, Demi Moore and the aforementioned director Paul Haggis.

2016: Leah Remini publishes: Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology and then embarks on the production of a documentary about this church, expanded internationally.

2018: In November, coinciding with the premiere of the format’s third season (which won an Emmy award the previous year), it stated the following:

“Scientologists are told that Cruise is saving the world and thus, he is considered a deity within Scientology. He is the second most powerful person after the leader, David Miscavige ”.

In fact, Miscavige – who was founder Ron L. Hubbard’s right-hand man – was best man at Cruise and Holmes’ wedding in 2006.

2019: In Spain, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, son of the Duchess of Alba publishes a book in which he reveals that he practiced Scientology in 1999, as a therapy to overcome the traumas of his childhood. The aristocrat admits that it was of great help but that after two years he decided to leave it but that it cost him and he was forced to pay two million pesetas.

In Spain, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo declares to have been part of Scientology. It cost him to leave it and he was forced to pay two million pesetas

2020: John Travolta leaves Scientology after almost 50 years joined it. The death of his wife, Kelly Preston, who dies of cancer leads him to make the decision, because religion is opposed to chemotherapy.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers, fighting COVID around the world. The institution declares:

“The Church of Scientology has done more than any other religious institution to promote prevention against COVID-19, throughout the US and the world,” he defends. “Long before the ‘stay home’ prompts, the Church made drastic decisions to prevent the spread of the virus (…) ‘

Scientology functions in the United States as a Church, which equates Tom Cruise with Jesus Christ and has never hidden its interest in maintaining a special relationship with movie and television stars.

Scientology functions in America as a Church, equating Tom Cruise with Jesus Christ

They swell their list of faithful figures such as Juliette Lewis, Brad Pitt, Christie Allen, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Peña and Sofia Milos.

The Church of Scientology, however, is dying. The 2016 ARIS Survey (American Religious Identification Survey) reported that the number of people who identified with the practice had decreased by almost 50% in the last 10 years and that the decline in this cult was significant worldwide.

However, its leaders avoid specifying its number of followers, although it is believed, or we should say it is trusted, that the church is fattening the numbers of the faithful with false data. If Hubbard lifted his head …