Saving Eternia “will update Ho-Man until 2021

It may be the first thing you notice Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternity is that there is no He-Man in the title. The animation was called 80’s He is a man and master of the universe, While the new one, from Netflix, will only connect to it. masters of the universe: Save the Eternia.

This change doesn’t mean He-Man is left out, but it helps to understand a bit how Kevin Smith will lead the team-centric series. The series, which is now more complete and updated to 2021 standards, will launch on July 23 on Netflix.

Last month we were able to speak with Kevin, an executive producer and Show from saving immortalityAbout your new book hidden secret. However, questions about the new animation were unavoidable. We wonder if, for him, putting together a show starring a very masculine character (his name translates literally as “He-Man”) represents a challenge for a more inclusive and understanding audience.

Yes, of course, He-Man was the hero, but each episode was about He-Man and the other masters of the universe. It was a team oriented program, not just He-Man. “

And he adds: “There are Tila, Mentor, Baccato and the Witch. Therefore, they have always been a complete team in terms of gender. Maligna was one of the greatest villains. He-Man is technically the witch’s hero; he serves her. ” and powers to Grayskull. Tila was there to protect him like Adam, and he wasn’t. He knows it’s the man, of course. “

Smith thought long and hard about this and came to the conclusion that while gender representation was good (especially in the 1980s), it was not 100% good in other areas. “The difference now is that the program was very white and that is something that we saw that needed to change,” he says. “The Masters of the Universe had a black character, Clamp Champ, who also naturally evolved on our show. But we believe that we have been able to diversify the world of masters of the universe A little more than the original “.

Gorpo (Griffin Newman), Andra (Tiffany Smith), Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Roboto (Justin Long) y Maligna (Lena Headey) en “Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia”

One of the ways, according to him, was to give more importance to Andra, a black character who saving immortality. In the vast legends Defenders of the universe Andra wasn’t very famous, she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Furthermore, he was originally white, which caused some anger among the audience.

However, Smith and the team managed to give him an important role. Andra is played by Tiffany Smith, a woman known for being multiracial, an important distinction from recent discussions of white actors playing non-white voices.

“It’s our way of introducing the program to new people,” and Show she says. “In the show itself, she is the most originating character from the ancient myths. She represents the surprise, on the part of the public, in the same way that they still do not know how to deal with the myths of Eternia ”.

“You have never met He-Man, nor Skeleton, nor have you been to Castle De Grayskull. She is simply someone who lives on Planet Eternia outside of the Eternals. So, in our novel, she plays the eyes of the beholder in this world. She reacts with the same level of surprise that we hope to see in this world. “Our audience when they watch the series. There are moments like this when we want to diversify more than what was done in the 80s. “

Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternity It will launch on Netflix on July 23.