Sarah Michelle Gellar returns with Hot Pink series on Amazon

If when the 90s were coming to an end you were a teenager, surely the name of Sarah Michelle Gellar it sounds familiar to you. And it is that you may be part of a whole generation that dedicated many of their afternoons to see “Buffy, the cazavampiros”, one of the most popular series of that decade starred by the actress and that placed her in a 90s benchmark.

The nostalgic will now receive something they did not expect, because after several years away from the scene, the actress will return with “Hot pink”, a new series comedy whose pilot has been ordered by Amazon. Gellar would occupy the protagonist of the project that would be based on the book “What Girls Are Made Of”, which follows a girl named Nina Faye who after a breakup seeks the true meaning of what she believed to be love.

The actress marked an era with her role as Buffy.

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The series will be an Amazon Studios production with the Annapurna company and will have as executive producers Rebecca Green and Desiree Akhavan, who directs the project, Variety has detailed.

“Hot Pink” is the first project in several years by the actress remembered for playing the vampire slayer in a hit installment that became a pop culture phenomenon after its release in 1997. After that project, Sarah Michelle Gellar He participated in other films that marked the end of that decade such as “Cruel Intentions” alongside Ryan Phillipe and Selma Blair. He was also part of the prolific wave of the return of the slasher films with his role in “I know what they did last summer.”

The actress’s new series marks her return after several years.

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Later, the interpreter remained active and participated in other films such as the live-action Scooby Doo and even the American adaptation of “The Grudge” that kept it on the radar but whose projection never reached the media presence it had in the nineties. In the late 2000s, he appeared in such films as “Southland Tales” and “The Air I Breathe.” The last film in which she appeared is “Veronika decides to die”, released in 2009.

The arrival of “Hot Pink” to Amazon It could represent its big return, since the series, Variety reports, will be focused on a youth audience, a segment that the platform seeks to strengthen. In order to Sarah Michelle Gellar It could be the role that claims its presence in the industry and perhaps by targeting the project to a young audience, Amazon will reposition it as an icon for a certain generation. Something that she already knows how to do and that can be verified by reviving Buffy on Amazon Prime.