Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell and Adrien Brody together in a vintage cop

Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell y Adrien Brody will star in a new police film for the Searchlight Pictures production company, which will take us back to London in the 1950s and with the direction of Tom George (“This Country”) y guion de Mark Chappell (“The Rack Pack”).

Information that emerged in the last hours, in a year that the actress nominated for an Oscar three times (“Brooklyn”, “Lady Bird”, “Little Women”) comes brand new “Ammonite” alongside the Oscar winner for “The Reader”, Kate Winslet.

So far little is known about the film, although some details have emerged: we know that it will be a story of murder and mystery of the time and will follow a “desperate Hollywood film producer who sets himself the challenge of turning a popular work of West End theater on film “.

Saorise Ronan junto a Kate Winslet en “Ammonite”

“The inspector Stoppard (Rockwell) and oficial Stalker (Ronan) will be involved in a sordid police adventure where the backdrop will be the West End Theaters and the London Underground “, some international media announced while waiting for the production company to confirm the start date of filming and the name of the film.

Ronan, Rockwell and Brody (Oscar winner for “The Pianist”) will be joined by David oyelowo, who recently was part of “Come Away” with Angelina Jolie and is on the way to release with George Clooney the film “Midnight Sky” (“The Midnight Sky”) which will come to Netflix on December 23.

Sam Rockwell was also featured in the Oscar-nominated “Vice”

For his part, Rockwell, winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “Three Ads for a Crime” (2018) recently received an Emmy nomination for “Fosse / Verdon”, while we could also see it in “The Richard Jewell Case” by Clint Eastwood.

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