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The American company Saildrone has been breaking records for several years. The most difficult missions offshore to collect the most data have been possible thanks to the precise configuration of these intelligent solar powered vehicles.

Saildrones have the ability to traverse the sea to gather information from the oceans and provide better weather predictions. These boats allow you to monitor the state of the planet in real time.

For six years, the engineer Richard Jenkins has reconfigured to make its automatic vehicles called Saildrone more accurate. These unmanned vehicles have traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to collect a series of data during their research missions in different bodies of the sea.

The feats that the Saildrone have achieved are worthy of recognition, as their “smart” routes mix different technologies to cross the oceans, under the most adverse conditions that can occur offshore.

For example, they use the sun to provide power to meteorological and oceanographic sensors that will collect all the data necessary for the mission in question; but they also take advantage of the strong ocean winds for their propulsion. One of these feats, in fact, occurred last October, when a record was set by being able to make the journey between the United Kingdom and the United States, without major complications.

The propulsion from the winds of the sea is a patent that was obtained after ten years of research. Saildrone are capable of storing a large amount of energy, allowing for extremely extensive missions; These can last up to 12 months.

Mainly, these marine drones have three objectives: to carry out service missions, to collect information from the ocean and, finally, to offer better weather predictions. On the company’s page you can see the things that drones do in the three areas mentioned.

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