Ryan Reynolds wants there to be several different versions of Deadpool

Actor Ryan Reynolds is bringing a lot of ideas to Deadpool’s grand arrival in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

Attention SPOILERS. The series of Loki currently airing on Disney Plus Things have changed a lot, since on the one hand the Infinity Gems are no longer the most powerful objects in the Universe and there may also be several versions of the same character. Something that we have been able to verify when Loki he was facing himself. Something that Ryan Reynolds want to repeat with Deadpool.

So the series Loki or the movie Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness (2022) could have different versions of any character from Marvel Studios that we have seen to date. In fact, it is already rumored that there will be two Supreme Sorcerers fighting each other. So Ryan Reynolds wants to interact with different variants of Deadpool when he makes his franchise debut. What could be real madness.

When will Marvel Studios storm?

At the time that Disney I buy FOX and acquired the rights to Los X-Men Y The Fantastic Four decided to restart them all except Deadpool interpreted by Ryan Reynolds. Everyone thought it would be easy to insert it into Marvel Studios and that we would see him pretty soon. But things have become more complicated, since the actor tries to impose some ideas that Disney did not like at all. So until 2023 or 2024 we will not be able to see the “Mercenary loudmouth”.

What’s more Ryan Reynolds He doesn’t make it easy either, since he’s accepting many projects at once. We will see it soon in Red Notice junto a Dwayne Johnson y Gal Gadot, Free Guy where he will play a video game NPC, The Adam Project with Mark Ruffalo and in a new version of Christmas story.

While we wait for them to confirm the participation of Deadpool on Marvel Studios, we can see the two movies of the character of Ryan Reynolds on the Disney Plus streaming platform by following this link.