Ryan Reynolds humorously confronts his daughter’s obsession with the song Baby Shark

If you are a parent or have been close to a child in the last five years, then you have probably heard the song ‘Baby Shark’ on occasion, a children’s song that has become a hymn for the little ones and in many Sometimes a real torture for parents, who are forced to listen to this looped melody at the request of their children. Actor Ryan Reynolds is one of these suffering parents and just a day ago he confessed to his followers his exhaustion, although he also claimed to have a solution. “My one-year-old is obsessed with ‘Baby Shark.’ All day. Every day. There is only one way to solve this problem, “wrote the actor on Instagram, ironically illustrating this message with images from the movie Iblue hell ( in English The Shallows), a film starring his wife, Blake Lively, where he plays a surfer who is attacked by an unfriendly shark.


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After the publication, which already accumulates almost three million ‘likes’, there were many Reynolds followers who applauded his funny response and there were even some who confessed that it was “the best advice they had been given as parents.” However, among all the comments, there was one that stood out above all the others and that was that of his wife and mother of his three daughters, James, six, Inez, four, and the big fan of ‘Baby Shark’, Betty, from one, who joked saying: “Well, at least they will have ample content for therapy.”


Is It is not the first time that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively exchange jokes through social networks and both tend to ‘troll’ whenever they have the chance. Without going any further, last week Blake congratulated his friend Gigi Hadid on her 26th birthday by making public an image of the three together at a Taylor Swift concert. Alongside the image, the actress wrote: ‘Happy birthday @gigihadid. I think you and I make a much better couple. ”


Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, He ‘mocked’ Blake last March when he posted a photo of himself in a pink hat getting vaccinated against COVID-19 alongside a picture of his wife in a blue hat in the movie The rhythm of revenge. Together with the montage of images the following question: “Who used it better?”.

But the truth is that the list of jokes is endless. Last February, Reynolds wished Lively a Happy Valentine’s Day, calling her your “Valentine forever for the foreseeable future”, while she shared a video of the actor dyeing his hair and stating: “I slept with my hairdresser.”

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