Ryan Reynolds explains his “rivalry” against Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds is widely known for his unique sense of humor on and off screen, which has led him to sustain a kind of “friendly rivalry” against actor Hugh Jackman for years, starting his never-ending war of pranks when both actors meet. they met on the set of “X-men Origins: Wolverine.”

Since then, both actors have held some “confrontational” messages between them, especially after the emergence of social networks. The most recent was a comment by Jackman towards the video that Reynolds made in the role of Deadpool reacting to the trailer for his film “Free Guy” with Taika Waititi playing the MCU’s Korg.

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Hugh Jackman commented on Reynolds’ Instagram post that he was impressed that there was no mention of him in the entire video, something that Deadpool constantly does in his films through various jokes directed at Wolverine in the film saga of X Men.

In a chat with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes for the “SmarLess” podcast, Bateman couldn’t help but ask Reynolds how this curious dynamic began between the two actors. Reynolds reveals that it all comes down to his colleague’s kindness, which is so immense that it “drives him crazy.”

Makes kindness look like murder. I mean, he’s the nicest guy you’re ever going to meet. And that drives me crazy sometimes. It is serious business.

Reynolds says that people often hate and lash out at things they don’t understand. “So I tend to hate and lash out at Hugh, and he reciprocates, of course, and he’s nothing if not a good player. And that’s basically it. But in reality, he shapes my life. He’s one of the best guys I know ”

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After the confirmation of a third Deadpool installment fully integrated into the MCU, Ryan Reynolds had joked about how before Disney’s purchase of Fox, the film was going to be about a road trip between his character and Wolverine, played again by Hugh Jackman.