Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, a photo of a model family with their daughter and their pet

Their relationship is one of the most enviable in Hollywood. Since they got married Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have shown the excellent health of their marriage, in which jokes and funny “teasing” and reproaches arouse admiration. Their good character has made them the protagonists of a discreet and solid love, which they have seasoned with the formation of a large family in which the girls are the majority. Ryan is completely in love, of course with his wife, but also with his three little girls, James, six, Inez, four, and little Betty, who is one year old.

Ryan Reynolds’ ‘wild’ and hilarious solution to end his daughter’s obsession with the song ‘Baby Shark’

Blake Lively gives birth in secret and the news transpires two months later


Only with one of them, Inez, the couple could be seen walking through the streets of New York, a photograph that once again makes the admirers of the couple sigh. The snapshot lacks almost nothing to be defined as that of a model family: the girl walks calmly on her father’s shoulders, a vantage point from which the vision of the world is much broader, and while the actress takes care of her pet, a dog that looks like a real teddy bear. The next day, it was only the actors who were caught walking hand in hand and exuding style.


Your baby’s obsession

Blake and Ryan married in 2012 and since then they have combined personal stability with professional success. They do not hesitate to share, always in a humorous way, anecdotes and snippets of their day-to-day lives, starring their girls on numerous occasions. For example, one of the last things Ryan has talked about is his little Betty’s obsession with the addictive song. Baby shark. “My one-year-old daughter is obsessed with Baby shark. All day, every day ”. To fix it, Ryan proposes with irony to put the movie of his wife Blue hell, those that his wife gives life to a surfer who is attacked by a shark. “There’s only one way to fix this,” he writes, to which Blake replies, “Well, at least they’ll have ample content for therapy.”

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Romantic greeting? No, Ryan Reynolds brings humor back on Blake Lively’s 32nd birthday

Other popularly called “trolls” that are dedicated was Blake’s congratulations to his friend Gigi Hadid on the occasion of her 26th birthday with an image of the three together at a Taylor Swift concert. The actress wrote: “Happy birthday @gigihadid. I think you and I make a much better couple. ” Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, “made fun” of Blake last March when he posted a photo of himself in a pink hat getting vaccinated against COVID-19 along with a picture of his wife with a blue hat in the movie The rhythm of revenge. Together with the montage of images the following question: “Who used it best?”.

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