Ryan Murphy returns to terror with ‘the Watcher’, a chilling true case for his next series on Netflix

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The Ryan Murphy series that have premiered on Netflix have had rather erratic results, but it cannot be said that the creator’s millionaire contract with the platform is not being prolific. Among the titles that it has in development, it stands out The Watcher, a horror miniseries based on a real case that is beginning to take shape and has the ingredients it takes to become a success.

From the details of the facts on which the competition that existed in Hollywood to acquire the rights to adapt the case is based, including the names of its protagonists, we tell you everything that is known today about this attractive project.

When your dream home turns into a nightmare

The miniseries is based on the true story of the Broaddus, a family who, upon moving into the house they had bought in a residential neighborhood in New Jersey, began to receive a series of threatening letters in your mailbox who asked them if they knew the secrets hidden in those walls. The letters were signed by “The Watcher”, who claimed that he was the guardian of that house, a mission previously carried out by his father and grandfather for more than 100 years.

As the days passed, in these letters the stalker began to include details of the activities and private day-to-day data of family members, including the children, who revealed that they were really under his extreme surveillance and that he had access to his life in the privacy of what they hoped would be his home. Faced with the psychological pressure to which they were subjected and the absence of responses from the police, their video surveillance system and the private detective they had hired, the family decided to surrender to their threats and put the house up for sale. Today the identity of The Watcher remains a mystery.

Ewan McGregor is the legendary Roy Halston.


In front of and behind the scenes

Naomi Watts (The loudest voice) Y Bobby Cannavale (Mr. Robot, Nine Perfect Strangers) will work together again después de This is The Night, playing the leading couple, a married couple who invest all their savings in the house where they hope to have a happy life and see their three children grow up.

The miniseries is co-created by Murphy and Ian Brennan, one of his regular collaborators since the time of Glee, cocreador de Hollywood and scriptwriter in Ratched, Halston Y The Politician. Filming for its seven episodes is expected to begin during the summer-fall of 2021.

The adaptation rights that all Hollywood wanted

Jason Blum (founder and CEO of Blumhouse, the most recognized horror production company today) and JJ Abrams, were two of the names that, along with four other studios, were trying until the last moment to get the rights to adapt the film. history of the Broaddus. Finally, it was Netflix who won the competitive bid, which allows him to adapt the original article from The Cut, in which he first published the story of the mysterious stalker and the family he psychologically tortured for four years.

'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story': What We Know About Ryan Murphy's New Netflix Series

‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’: What We Know About Ryan Murphy’s New Netflix Series

Todd Williamson / IPA

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Other Ryan Murphy series underway on Netflix

Among the projects that Murphy is developing on the platform are the second season of Ratched, a series based on the life of Marlene Dietrich starring Jessica Lange, a documentary series about the life and work of Andy Warhool Y ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, also co-created with Brennan, in which they will bring to the screen the story of one of America’s most terrifying serial killers, played by Evan Peters.

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