Russell Brand accused of “mansplaining” feminism after criticism of the WAP.

Russell Brand has come under fire online after sharing a video criticizing Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new video ‘WAP’.

The actor shared a video to social media yesterday (Aug 14) titled “WAP”: Feminist Masterpiece or Porn? “In the long clip, he discusses the” cultural phenomenon “surrounding the ‘WAP’ video and” its use of sexual images and feminine potency “.

He asked if women “achieve equality by aspiring and replicating the values ​​that have been established by men.”

Adding that she thinks the music videos of female hip hop artists are “an emulation of a template that already exists and was established by men,” she asked, “Is it equality if the template has already been established by a formal dominator?” before adding: “The answer is no.”

Brand admitted that he was “haunted” by the video because he is “aware of the power of female sexuality,” but said he is not sure “if it shows progress.”

Brand said: “It would not be so reductive and simplistic to say that the fact that women celebrate their bodies using an aesthetic that has been conventionally associated with the male gaze means that it is impossible that these tools can be used as a vehicle of liberation.”

“But I’m saying that, in a sense, it’s still the same metric, it’s still the same aesthetic, it’s still the same values, it’s still the same ideals. It’s still, ultimately, a kind of capitalist objectification and commodification of , in this case, the woman. “

At one point in her video she mentioned Margaret Thatcher, saying she was not a feminist as she was “praising [y] embracing masculine values ​​”.

In the face of massive reactions online for his comments, several people accused him of “mansplaining” feminism.

“I don’t want Russell Brand to teach me feminism,” said Deborah Frances-White, host of the Guilty Feminist podcast. “But I look forward to Louis CK’s thoughts on why Beyoncé is messing up.”

Rick and Morty writer Caitie Delaney wrote: “Dr. Russell Brand says WAP is not feminist because men rapped about sex first and Cardi and Meg are just ’emulating’ previously established male ideals. This says so the guy who actually ’emulates’ Captain Jack Sparrow did shop at Hollister. “

“Russell Brand is any third-year English student who thinks it would be risky to do his dissertation comparing AMP to Margaret Thatcher’s politics, so his examiner, who is a white male, is sure to give the scoop,” said Ken Cheng. , from the Chinese comedian on BBC Radio 4.

One Twitter user said: “Congratulations to Russell Brand for explaining to women how they should enjoy PMA and their own sexuality.” While another wrote: “In no way have I seen Russell Brand compare MPA to Thatcherism, God has given me the damn STRENGTH.”

See more responses to Brand’s video below:

Meanwhile, Margo Price has shared a new cover for Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ during a performance on The Daily Show.

In an interview with iD last week, Cardi B was asked about the reaction of some conservative corners to her song. Cardi said it was something that “really surprised her.”

“I knew it was going to have a big impact, I guess, for me and Megan. But I didn’t know it was going to be so controversial,” he said. “I never expected that, you know, the Conservatives and Republicans were going to talk about the song.

“I didn’t think the song was as vulgar as they said it was, you know? Like, I’m so used to it. I’m so weird that I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I didn’t think people would think it was so out of this world. … “

The rapper added that the reaction “doesn’t make me angry, it makes me happy.”

“They keep talking and the numbers keep going up. At the end of the day, whatever they are saying, the numbers speak for themselves.”