Russel Brand tried to save his relationship with Katy Perry

After a failed marriage with the singer Katy Perry, comedian Russell Brand He spoke of the divorce the two signed years ago, noting that he had done what he could to save the relationship.

Despite the fact that they both already have stable partners and children, it is difficult to forget that time when Katy Perry and Russell Brand They were married, in what seemed like one of the most romantic and stable couples of the show, with the news of the divorce being a big surprise and a disappointment for the fans of the now ex-couple.

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Now, Russell Brand remembered what his marriage to Katy Perry, of which he said that he did his best to solve things, although in the end the differences were stronger, so after two years of marriage he asked for a divorce.

It was the conflict with the agenda of both that eventually broke the bond, after having married in a ceremony in 2010. Furthermore, the disinterest of Katy Perry to have children at that time I was not entirely happy Russell Brand, so he ended up asking for a divorce.

In a live broadcast that the comedian did recently on Tik TokHe mentioned that even though things were not going quite well, he really tried to save his marriage. Let’s remember that it was he who asked the ‘Firework’ singer for a divorce, which at the time left her devastated.

Even with the differences and the passing of the years, Russell Brand clarified that he has nothing but good wishes for Katy Perry, who is now the mother of the daughter she had with Orlando Bloom.

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“I really tried everything in that relationship. I have nothing but positive feelings for her, “said the comedian to a question asked by a fan.

Apparently, the former couple has not communicated since then, and although at the time they were very much in love and looking towards a future together, they have not heard much from each other since the divorce.

Katy Perry is now engaged to the actor Orlando BloomAlthough it has been commented that neither of them plans to marry yet, as they are more focused on being parents to the daughter they recently brought into the world, Daisy Bloom. For its part, Russell Brand is married to Laura Gallacher since 2017, with whom he has two daughters.

Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry just before a concert

Katy Perry Y Russell Brand They met in 2009 when she had a short cameo in the movie ‘Rockstar Mission’ in which he starred with Jonah Hill, released in 2010. Although in the end the singer’s scene was eliminated from the film, the two continued to communicate, until the relationship was confirmed that year.

It was in that same 2010 that the couple married in a ceremony in Rajasthan, in the India. Images of the wedding could be seen projected in the presentation of Katy Perry in the Grammys of 2011, carried out the day before Valentine’s Day.

Russel Brand tried to save his relationship with Katy Perry (1)

Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married from 2010 to 2021

Despite the fact that the two looked very much in love, the conflicts occurred because of their agendas and because Katy Perry she did not feel ready to have children. In 2012, while she was on tour promoting her album ‘Teenage Dream’, Russell Brand He asked for a divorce via text message.

Pictures of the moment when Katy Perry received the news of the divorce can be seen in her documentary ‘Part of me: 3D’, in which the singer, wrapped in tears, was about to cancel a concert of the tour, when she received the message moments before leaving to stage. However, like a professional, she came out to give the show, with the best smile she could offer her fans.

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