Robert De Niro reveals why he didn’t star in ‘Big’ after being cast before Tom Hanks

On 1988 premiered ‘Big’ one of the most important films of the 80s, directed by Penny Marshall and stars for Tom Hanks, who saw his career skyrocket after the success of this film that is still remembered and admired today.

The film tells the story of Josh Baskin, a 13-year-old boy who becomes a 30-year-old adult after tossing a coin into a wish machine. But, at first Tom Hanks was not going to be the protagonist of the film since the first chosen for the project was Robert de Niro.

The in charge of revealing this information was the ‘Big’ actress Elizabeth Perkins, who played Susan in the film, and who confessed a few months ago ‘Watch What Happens Live’: “Robert De Niro was chosen for the role of Josh in the film ‘Big’. He fell apart because he had a scheduling conflict, and then they went to Tom Hanks. “

Elizabeth Perkins y Tom Hanks en ‘Big’ | 20th Century Fox

Elizabeth also confessed that the film was going to be much more terrifying: “It’s like a totally different movie in my brain with Robert De Niro, and dark.”

“[De Niro] he was more grumpy. It was a bit more like a horror movie, “he commented.” Robert De Niro wandering the streets of New York. What Tom Hanks brought was much lighter, “he ended up saying.

Robert de Niro has given his reasons

After these statements by Elizabeth Perkins, many were those who discovered these data about ‘Big’. And, now it has been Robert de Niro who has talked about it in an interview on ‘The Tonight Show Show’ with Jimmy Fallon.

De Niro has been sparing in words when asked about the reasons that led him to finally leave the project: “We had something with the negotiation but the thing went as it did. So it’s all good, “says the legendary actor.

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