Review of ‘Seven Wishes (Wish Upon)’: And what would you ask for?

Seven wishes
(Wish Upon)

Seven wishes (Wish Upon) is an American horror film directed by John R. Leonetti (Annabelle, The Silence). The script is provided by Barbara Marshall (Terra Nova, Viral). The story shows us a 17-year-old girl who receives an old box with magical powers as a gift from her father. The wishes you ask for are fulfilled, but you will soon discover that you will have to pay a high price to keep them. It is starring Joey King (My first kiss, Slenderman), Ryan Phillippe (The Shooter, Blood Brothers), Josephine Langford (Despues de. This is where it all starts, After. In a thousand pieces), Elisabeth Röhm, Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Shannon Purser, Ki Hong Lee, Sydney Park, Alice Lee Y Daniela Barbosa. The film premiered in Spain on July 21, 2017. You can see it at Netflix from August 1, 2021.

Wishes that cost lives

Don’t expect to find anything especially new in Seven wishes (Wish Upon). We are facing a typical horror movie teen that combines the subgenus of college movies with some ideas already seen in Wishmaster (Robert Kurtzman, 1997), Aladdin and the death lamp (Mario Azzopardi, 2012) the Final destination (James Wong, 2000). Actually, the story is based on an ancient legend about a Chinese peasant woman who in possession of a music box made a pact with a demon to avenge the death of all her relatives falsely accused of spreading the bubonic plague throughout the rest of the town.

In Seven wishes (Wish Upon) we have as protagonist a 17-year-old girl, Clare Shannon (Joey King). As a child, she had to deal with the suicide of her mother, whom she herself found hanged inside the house. Her father now survives by collecting scrap metal, something that embarrasses the girl at the school where she suffers bullying by the most popular girls. For his birthday he receives a strange old music box as a gift that he will soon discover has magical power. Indeed, any wish you make out loud is fulfilled, so you will start by turning the spotlight against your bullies. The problem that he still does not know is that every time one of his wishes is consummated, that entails the death of a loved one. The moral of the movie is that nothing comes for free. According to the Chinese legend revisited after asking for the seven wishes referred to in the title, the demon will require you to take your soul.

An unimaginative rehash

The narrative structure of Seven wishes (Wish Upon) it is very recognizable. The inevitable deaths are seen to come from afar as some minor characters appear. It could still be a festive product for lovers of popcorn horror. Unfortunately, the director John R. Leonetti film after film continues to demonstrate its enormous inability to create an atmosphere with a certain personality and returns to become a rehash of elements seen in other films. Do not forget that he is the same author of “jewels” as Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997), disastrous sequel to the blockbuster video game adaptation, The butterfly effect 2 (2006), another lazy sequel to an interesting sci-fi movie, Annabelle (2014), one of the worst in the Warrenverso, or The Silence (2019), that bland and shameless copy exploitation of A peaceful place (John Krasinski, 2018). I’m very sorry to say that it still hasn’t improved its performance behind the camera.

Regarding the staging, only a good set piece suspense starring the grown-up Audrey from Twin Peaks, Sherilyn Fenn, and what happens inside a kitchen next to a pressure cooker and the sink grinder … We will find little else in the film except for a couple of isolated moments and the cool staging of one of the deaths related to the horn of a figure decorative. The dynamics of making wish + death ends up being repetitive and predictable during the second act and the deaths are not very imaginative. In addition, it is very difficult to get sympathy with the leading girl, a hard-working Joey King, but it is that her character performs actions that are too stupid for us to fully identify with her. On the other hand, the moral dilemma about the consequences of our greed is not adequately exposed and ends up being at the service of a plot with an adolescent focus with no more crumbs than the pastime of ultra-fast forgetting.

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Seven wishes (Wish Upon)