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Disomnia is the title of the new apocalyptic science fiction proposal that brings us Netflix to our homes this June 9. With many familiar faces in its cast, led by Gina rodriguez but most in cameo mode like Frances Fisher, Barry Pepper or the very Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Disomnia It begins by introducing us to a family totally unstructured by the absence of the father and by the problems in the past of Jill, the mother, with drugs. Suddenly an incident occurs worldwide. Any electronic device or that uses electricity is turned off. But the big problem is not that, but little by little they are realizing that no one can fall asleep. People start to go haywire and the established system falters. The change is unstoppable, a new order is born.

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Certainly, several of the elements, if not all, remind us of other similar films.. The lonely mother struggling to keep her children alive in an apocalyptic world, as in Blind (2018). The electrical blackout as we already saw in In the woods (2015) or in the latest Netflix series, Tribes of Europe (2021). Insomnia and its side effects, although I think not on a large scale (if someone comes up with an example to comment on it), it has been treated in countless movies such as The Machinist (2004) from Brad Anderson, The Fight Club (1999) from David Fincher, Taxi Driver (1976) by Martin Scorsese, obviously Insomnia (2002) by Christopher Nolan or even in the saga Nightmare in Elm street of my adored Wes Craven.

Disomnia, at least at first glance, it seems like a mix of many of these titles that we have mentioned. This usually results in an uninteresting amorphous pastiche, but surprisingly they have managed to make a film that, without major pretensions, is entertaining, interesting and exciting at times. It has some scenes that make your heart beat a thousand beats like the one in the church or later with the trip by car and at the military base.

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The performances are really good. The children comply quite adequately. Eye to the girl Ariana Greenblatt that she looks very good manners, promise, write down. The surprise of Gina rodriguez (already shared cast with JJ Leigh on Annihilation) who plays the role of Jill, the mother. I found it very credible in all the scenes, and even in some I think it really perfectly conveys the suffering of a mother exposed to complicated situations regarding her children. The rest of the squad, as I already said at the beginning of this review, are quite well-known faces, I am not going to repeat names, but they are more or less established actors who are up to the task.

Disomnia is directed, and co-scripted, with creditworthiness, by the Canadian Mark Raso. It is his third job, after Copenhagen (2014) who won some awards at festivals and Kodachrome (2017), a road movie with Elizabeth Olsen, Jason Sudeikis y Ed Harris, which you can find in Netflix also. We have already mentioned that the actors are quite good in the film, with that continuous feeling of eye weariness in all of them, so one more point for the good of Mark for this work. The montage, especially in the action scenes, frantic, transmits agitation and nervousness, very important in this type of film.

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In short, this Disomnia It is not going to take away anyone’s sleep, it is not going to go down in the history of cinema, not even in its subgenre, but it is a very enjoyable film that delivers what it promises. A luck, once again, of a tachycardic apocalyptic film. I know you are going / we are going to make a thousand mistakes and inconsistencies, but you know what you are going to see, if you liked it Blindly O The incident, lie down on your sofa and hit play without hesitation.

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