Returning to Hope Gap: An older couple in crisis to recognize and grow | Arts and culture

Edward and Grace are going to be married for 29 years, and have lived for many years in Hope Gap, a small town by the sea. Jamie, her son, now an adult, lives alone in another city, without a partner.

The relationship between Grace, a poet, and Edward, a history teacher at a local school, is going through a serious crisis. She is dominant and controlling. He, introverted, shy and elusive.

Grace (Annette Bening) and Edward (Bill Nighy), each in their own way, involve Jamie in the relationship conflict.

This synthesis narrates only part of the facts. However, what is really interesting – beyond the beautiful landscapes and good performances – has relationship with the affections, with the intimate needs of each one -expressed, hinted or hidden-, with the essences and ways of being of each one. And in the case of Jamie (Josh O’Connor), also with what he has inherited from each of his parents, and how he deals with it.

El regreso a Hope Gap, BF Distribution (c)

“- So many years ago, I got on the wrong train,” says Edward.

Jamie has her own conflicts and difficulties in establishing relationships. On the one hand, his mother harasses him, trying to make it a good projection of his wishes. He tries to handle the influences of both, especially his father’s excessive shyness and introspection.

El regreso a Hope Gap, BF Distribution (c)

“When we are alone, things stop happeningGrace says, reflecting her fear of loneliness.

The return to Hope Gap explores the traps of routine, fears of change, loneliness, looking at each other and facing their own ghosts.

“Do not say that the fight is useless
that the wounds and the effort are in vain,
that the enemy does not give up or faint,
and that everything will continue as always ”.

El regreso a Hope Gap, BF Distribution (c)

Regreso a Hope Gap (Hope Gap)

Director: William Nicholson
Guion: William Nicholson

Reparto: Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, Aiysha Hart, Josh O’Connor, Nicholas Burns,RoseKeegan, Sally Rogers, Steven Pacey, Nicholas Blane, Derren Litten, RyanMcKen, Ninette Finch, Joel MacCormack, Anne Bryson, Finn Bennett, Tim Wildman,Jason Lines, Dawn Batty, Joe Citro, Dannielle Woodward.
Music: Alex Heffes
Photography: Anna Valdez-Hanks
Year: 2019
Duration: 100 minutes
Genre: Drama
Country: UK

Premiere: Thursday, July 15
Cine Online by Cinemark
Value: $ 3,900 pesos