return to sustained tension and horror

Some of us insist on the idea that dignity in horror movies is not something easy to achieve; above all, in view of the proposals of the genre that are launched every year, with a only visible minority, no longer deserving. In this matter there are scales, on the other hand; and in the most decent we can place A quiet place 2, the film directed by the actor John Krasinski (2021) as a sequel to his in 2018, which, paradoxically, was a noisy critical, public and collection success.

Which surely did not expect after having released the correct one Short interviews with repulsive men (2009) and the nice The Hollar (2016), which went through the box office and the film press with great pain and not glory. So that this alien franchise has put him on the map as a filmmaker.

You deserve it, in any case. No way because A peaceful place and its continuation with have been revealed as a marvel, neither masterpieces nor a morrocotudo landmark of the seventh art. In all honesty, there would be no need to put them on any best of their year or horror list either. But we must recognize its cleanliness and its honesty narratives, which already place them at a higher height than heaps, hundreds, cartloads of other films of the genre, those adjacent to it and those beyond.

The honest terror of ‘A Quiet Place 2’


There are those in their business who aspire to horrify us with pure bloodthirsty and what they achieve is to displease us, like all the sequels of the shocking Saw (James Wan, 2004), and even make us physically sick, like the strange Bliss (Joe Begos, 2019) for some.

Other horror films are dedicated to trying to scare viewers with sudden appearances and attacks accompanied by rumbles in the soundtrack, which does not have to ruin them if they manage to stay in balance thanks to other contributions, such as Malasaña 32 (Albert Pintó, 2020). Y A quiet place 2 belongs to those terrifying works that grab our poor spectators’ hearts and hold them in a fist with a sustained tension of father and dear sir.