Releases of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin in the week of June 14 to 20 – News of series

The new Pixar film ‘Luca’, the most outstanding premiere of the next seven days.

New week of June, new week of premieres of new series and movies that are incorporated into the catalogs of the different streaming platforms. In the next seven days, the debut of the highly anticipated new film from Pixar Luca stands out in the next seven days, which will be released on Disney + on June 18. In addition, the Disney + platform also receives the second season of With love, Victor, after captivating us with its first installment.

Also, if you wanted to sink your teeth into the ‘spin-off’ of The Walking Dead, World Beyond, now you have the opportunity to do it on Amazon Prime Video, while Movistar + does not premiere series this week, but several films that arrive exclusively without going through the movie theater.

You can see all the premieres of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Movistar + and Filmin from June 14 to 20 below:



The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 3

The fourth season is currently airing, but, if you follow The Handmaid’s Tale On Amazon Prime Video, you will be happy to know that the third installment will be available and in full on the streaming platform in the week that begins. Again with the great Elisabeth Moss as June, Gilead’s authoritarian state in which women have been reduced to their reproductive capacity begins to falter with the existence of naysayers among its very foundations.

Premiere: June 20th

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Second ‘spin-off’ of The Walking Dead after the applause Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond It presents us with a not too distant future in which the protagonists are the first generation that has reached maturity, having grown up in the apocalypse, without having known another reality. In this context, the adventure of its protagonists will provide clues to the whereabouts of Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln in the original version. AMC has already confirmed that the full story of the series will be told over two seasons.

Premiere: June 20th


Synchronic: The Limits of Time

One of the premieres of June on Amazon Prime Video is this feature film starring Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie. A science fiction horror drama in which the protagonists, two New Orleans paramedics, have to cope with a wave of deaths related to a strange drug that is also capable of making those who consume it able to travel in time.

Premiere: June, 15

Digimon Adventure: Last evolution Kizuna

If you are a fan of the Digimon universe, you have reasons to be ‘living’ with the arrival of the latest film in the franchise on Amazon Prime Video. The starting point of the film is a trsite fact: the reality that Taichi and company are now adults and their ties with the Digimon are about to end. But first they will have to save the world one last time.

Premiere: June 18




In this biographical thriller, the always flawless Elisabeth Moss is in charge of playing the famous writer Shirley Jackson. While the author works on what she plans to be her masterpiece, the emergence in her life of a newly married couple who begins to live under her roof will be the starting point of a most disturbing story. Especially when the woman becomes, without knowing it, the author’s new muse.

Premiere: June 14th


This new fantasy and animation film that revolves around a girl with Down Syndrome, little Valentina, who dreams of being a trapeze artist. She is not at all convinced of achieving it, but her grandmother knows that she will be capable of anything.

Premiere: June 16


Directed by Sang-Ho Yeon tras Train to Busan and in a new commitment to terror, the South Korean film Peninsula is set in the same universe as its predecessor but with completely different characters and plot. 4 years have passed since the events of the first movie and the peninsula has been ravaged by the undead. In this scenario, a former soldier returns with a secret mission and finds a group of survivors.

Premiere: June 18


Directed by Deon Taylor and starring Hilary Swank, Fatale is a ‘thriller’ in which a married man is involved in a dangerous and criminal scheme to get carried away by a seductive police detective.

Premiere: 19th of June



With love, Victor – Season 2

New season of this huggable Star series on Disney +. In new episodes of fiction inspired by With love, Simon, Victor, its protagonist, continues to discover himself personally and sexually as he continues with his new love relationship. Meanwhile, new family and other obstacles come their way.

Premiere: June 18

My name is earl

This hilarious comedy comes to Disney + in full, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s honestly worth doing. In it Jason Lee plays Earl, a humble man who lives in a motorhome park and loses his winning lottery ticket after being run over while celebrating. After awakening from the coma, Earl begins to believe in karma disproportionately and starts a strict program of self-correction.

Premiere: June 18



The most anticipated premiere this week without a doubt. Pixar’s new movie Luca promises to steal your heart while making you enjoy like a child. From creators of Reverse Y Finding Dory, the new animation film from the studio takes us to the Italian coast to introduce us to Luca, an adorable boy who enjoys a happy summer with his friend until a secret about his identity threatens to come to light: he is actually a monster marine that lives in the deepest part of the ocean.

Premiere: June 18



The father

Starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, the 2021 Oscar candidate El Padre can finally be seen ‘on demand’. A film directed by Florian Zeller in which the veteran actor plays a man who is gradually losing consciousness of reality, a victim of dementia. Her daughter Anne is taking care of her, but she plans to move to Paris and needs to find someone to take over.

Premiere: June 16

-Other films that are incorporated into the catalog-

  • Premature – June 18
  • Happily – June 18
  • New York Booksellers – June 18
  • A night of revenge – June 18
  • Only beasts – June 18