Release date, trailer and news of part III of the horror and science fiction saga

‘A Quiet Place’ III seems likely after ‘A Quiet Place’ II set a new record with an impressive opening at the US box office.

The sequel made a lot of noise with a $ 58 million debut, setting a post-pandemic record in United Statessy, more impressive, it opened with a similar amount of money to what would have been expected if it had been released in a “normal” environment in March 2020.

Fortunately, John Krasinski He already has plans for a third movie and it’s easy to see how the events of the sequel can lead to a sequel. According Emily Blunt, Krasinski have “A whole arc of ideas” for a third movie.

I think he just wanted to see how people responded to this one before he got into the third one. But he has a couple of great ideas. ‘A Quiet Place’ it could become a trilogy, why not?

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When were they released A Quiet Place Y A Quiet Place 2?

‘A Quiet Place’ premiered on April 6, 2018 while ‘A Quiet Place’ II, like the rest of pandemic productions, suffered a delay and went from being released in March 2020 to May 28, 2021.

How I finish A Quiet Place 2 and why do you open the door to A Quiet Place 3?

Let’s recap a bit about how it ends ‘A Quiet Place’ II and how it gives rise to ‘A Quiet Place’ III.


After the events of ‘A Quiet Place’ I, the family Abbott continues to search for a way to survive in this fictional world where creatures oversensitive to sound hunt and devour humans.

Knowing how to defend herself (high-frequency audio feedback can incapacitate creatures), the eldest daughter of the family, “Regan,” embarks on an adventure with the newcomer, “Emmett,” determined to share with the rest. of survivors the frequency deadly for the invaders.

After a series of encounters with the fearsome creatures, the existence of an oasis for the human race is revealed, literally speaking, as it turns out that monsters cannot swim.

This is how the door is left open so that ‘A Quiet Place’ becomes a trilogy, as some questions have yet to be resolved: Is there any motivation behind the human-eating creatures ?; How is it that humanity will unite to end the invasion, now that it knows how to defend itself? And, will “Regan” be the one that leads humanity to its possible salvation?

When could it be released A Quiet Place 3?

Let us remember that in parallel with ‘A Quiet Place’ III, Paramount Pictures announced in November 2020 that they were working on a movie spin off. The film could expand on the events of the suspense franchise, delving into the stories of other survivors. However, it is not yet very clear whether it will be directly linked to ‘A Quiet Place’ III.

Said spin-off It has a release date of 2022 so, assuming that the recordings of both projects will be independent, we could look forward to the third movie of ‘A Quiet Place’ in 2023.

What could be the story of A Quiet Place 3?

How the first two movies focus on the family AbbottIt would make sense for a third installment to show how children progress and learn to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

The clan has proven to be strong and resilient, which could mean that upcoming movies will look at how others like them have managed to survive, or how monsters came to invade the planet.

One of the most striking parts of the two original films is how family members are able to communicate effectively through American Sign Language. Since “Regan” has a cochlear implant, the family already knows how to communicate quietly. Whispering and light footing helps, but using ASL means that family Abbott he already had an advantage in silent communication.

What actors, actresses, and characters could return to A Quiet Place 3?

Despite some problems, the whole family Abbott survive the events of ‘A Quiet Place’ Part II; so the return of Emily Blunt as “Evelyn”; Millicent Simmonds like “Regan” and Noah Skirt like “Marcus”.

The biggest novelty of the sequel was the character of Cillian Murphy, “Emmett”, who is revealed knew the family Abbott before the apocalypse. In the sequel he develops a fatherly bond with “Regan” and helps her fight the aliens, so he is expected to return.

A comeback that cannot be ruled out is another appearance of John Krasinski as “Lee Abbott,” who has previously appeared as a flashbacks.