Release date, trailer and all the details of HBO’s dystopian series

One of the most dystopian looks at human decadence and its hunger to satisfy the more hedonistic side of it, is about to return for a fourth season from the privileged studios of HBO.

Westworld‘, which for three seasons has made us scratch our seats and hope for the worst of its complicated plot, today gives us more news about its future 4th season and this is all you have to know:

How many seasons does the series have Westworld the HBO?

So far the series has only three seasons. However, as The Hollywood Reporter announced in 2020, its creators may have plans for 6 full seasons.

¿Westworld Has it been renewed for a fourth season?

Looper has confirmed that HBO still stands with the promise of making this incredible adaptation a multi-season series.

Since 1990, the channel wanted to do something related to the film of the ’73 with the same title and premise, and now that they are doing it, they will hardly let go of the reins of this great project.

When does season 4 of Westworld?

We will definitely see absolutely nothing new from ‘Westworld’ until 2022 and that’s already a big guess.

The president of HBO, Casey Bloys, revealed that the series had been revamped since before season 3 ended, however, with all of the COVID-19 and the constant limitations to be able to record and produce a series of this size, 2021 is still excluded from the spectrum of possibilities to make this 4th season happen.

Is there a trailer or trailers for season 4 of Westworld?

At the moment, no.

What will season 4 of Westworld?

The plot aims to immerse yourself more in the real world, although after what happened with Dolores, it is possible that this ends in an inevitable return to the park to decipher the last pieces of this complicated puzzle.

What is a fact is that Caleb is ready to continue his mission. You’ll make it?

What actors and actresses will come out in season 4 of Westworld?

The series has confirmed that Thandie Newton, Aaron Paul, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth y Ed Harris they will return to the series. The only thing we cannot confirm is whether Evan Rachel Wood will return after the events of Dolores, but in a world where everyone is revived, it may be a reality.