Reasons why a Cruella sequel is necessary

There is no doubt that Cruella – 93% has won over critics and audiences since its simultaneous release in theaters and Disney Plus. The idea of ​​watching a 101 Dalmatians spin-off – 98% is something that has always interested many for various reasons ranging from the unforgettable villain of the animated film, whose only mission in life seemed to kill puppies for a fur coat, to the deranged and quite celebrated, and equally hard to forget, Glenn Close’s interpretation of the 1996 live-action that the company did as knowing that in the future it was going to turn all its animated classics into adaptations in the live-action format.

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It should also be remembered that actress Emma Stone was always a favorite of the fans of this film to play Cruella de Vil should the opportunity arise. Everything was served, ready for Disney to take into consideration and at the same time satisfy the desire of its massive fan base, so why ignore it. After all, if anyone could be on the heels of Close’s work, it is, precisely, a Emma Stone in her best form, with the ability to give many surprises as she is an actress whose career seems to be far from over; And it is not that Close’s has ended, but it is obvious that what the study needed, an actress with half her filmography, and therefore less years, is what they had to find.

Since the premiere of Cruella – 93%, people began to wonder if a sequel was in Disney’s plans. The reasons are not lacking, and they do not have to do exactly with the sole idea of ​​getting more money for your pockets (although they do). This origin story introduces us to Emma Stone as Estella, a young woman seeking to succeed in the fashion industry, and who tragically lost her mother as a child. This is very important for the resolution of the film and also for the motivations of the protagonist who later becomes Cruella, and then Cruella de Vil, but of which we still feel that there is much to see.

A sequel, thankfully, is on the way with some of the same involved and we know that Emma Stone from the beginning she said she would be interested in being Cruella again. However, the comments about an unnecessary sequel were not long in coming, and although we understand why, the last word was always going to be the Disney studio, which confirmed that the second part is in development. Totally unnecessary or, on the contrary, necessary? Admittedly, with Cruella – 93% yes, a second part is justified for the reasons that we will explain below.

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Was that the end of Baroness Von Hellman?

Emma Thompson should get almost as much credit as Emma Stone. The veteran actress plays Baroness Von Hellman with wicked glee, creating a graceful and hateful character like no other Disney villain. In fact, we can say that Thompson plays this villain in a way that is much closer to the original interpretation of Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians. It’s no wonder Thompson excels on paper because he excels at everything he does. Cruella ends up with her sending her to prison, but at the same time leaving the door open for a possible return. A sequel would be the perfect opportunity to bring her back, and more than Emma Thompson it’s always a good thing. Also, the story can always take the approach to the relationship between the two in a way that was not explored during the first movie.

Cruella is not yet the villain of 101 Dalmatians

Cruella had a happy ending in which Estella finally defeated her horrible biological mother, avenged the death of her adoptive mother, and finally established herself with an incredible career in fashion afterward. It was an incredible ending for the character, who went from being a common thief to a talented fashion designer with a promising future, but only for Estella. That same ending really isn’t close to the Cruella de Vil that appeared in 101 Dalmatians and that makes us feel that the story was unfinished. It’s hard to imagine her doing something as petty as hunting the puppies of two dogs, all in the name of a luxurious coat. Ultimately, a sequel gives them more time to Emma Stone and to the writers to develop the character and fully develop his eventual villainous twist.

The public still has no reason to hate Cruella

Al like Maleficent – 50%, Cruella introduced us to someone who was previously portrayed as a villain with no heart or redeemable qualities. The sentiment shared by a large part of the audience is that by the end of the film what happened to Estella is definitely understood and many loved and appreciated her unusual personality. In fact, this made so much difference that there is currently a disconnect between her and the Cruella de Vil we know as the villain of 101 Dalmatians. The movie is fine as it is, but audiences could benefit from a second movie showing Cruella’s transformation and downfall that inevitably sets her on the path that she would be so desperate to kidnap a group of puppies. At the end of CruellaShe is more of a celebrity who has just finished the career of her evil biological mother and not the type of person who would continue to thirst for revenge. There are so many spaces to fill in your story that a second movie sounds like a logical thing to do.

We still don’t see his hatred towards Dalmatians reflected

On CruellaWe understand why he despises Dalmatians after three were responsible for the death of his foster mother. It’s completely understandable and, we doubt that a dog-loving person would be happy after witnessing a pack push a loved one off a cliff. The problem is, we don’t really see that anger reflected on Cruella or never really directed at the dogs. Not that we wanted to see Cruella being cruel to animals in an overly graphic way, but the Disney movie did its best to show that she wasn’t going to be mean to those dogs. That’s not the Cruella we know of 101 Dalmatians originals. We know what Disney tends to do in her productions and we shouldn’t have high expectations for precisely that, but eventually we’ll have to see her at least make fun of a dog in the future.

What do Roger and Anita have to do with it? (And exactly Pongo and Perdita?)

This film included as a surprise a scene in the middle of the credits that united a little more Cruella’s story with that of 101 Dalmatians. Unlike the animated classic, Roger and Anita hardly have anything to do in Cruella. Anita is introduced as a friend or ally? of Cruella, but there is not much of their supposed friendship, and Roger is a charming but clumsy lawyer who works for the baroness and blames Cruella for her eventual dismissal. Both Roger and Anita make a lasting impression despite their scaled-down roles, and audiences definitely found them charming. But at the end of the movie, Cruella sends them a pair of Dalmatian puppies, Pongo and Perdita, in a scene that somehow gets too close to the events of 101 Dalmatians. A sequel could still focus on Cruella but give Roger and Anita bigger roles, and once and for all clarify what’s going on because it makes us think Disney would be close to rebooting the animated classic.

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