Reasons we need a Constantine sequel

Constantine – 46%, the 2005 movie with Keanu Reeves, should have been a success. A film that adapts a well-known enough comic, with a high budget especially for that time and an actor who was fresh from a franchise made up of three blockbusters (The Matrix) seemed enough for this launch to be a triumph in every possible way. However, the story was different and not even the box office saved it: US $ 221 million worldwide for a production that cost around US $ 100 million according to The Numbers, It does not look good at all to continue betting on the character.

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And by the way, of the amount that was raised, the Warner Bros. thing did not even reach US $ 100 million in the United States. Constantine – 46% is done in a way that we don’t really see in most comic book adaptations today. Rather than focus on textbook translation, story familiarity, or source material changes to appeal to the widest possible audience, Constantine – 46% have a self-confidence that is unique. Throw the audience into the middle of a strange and multifaceted world waiting for them to be captivated. It puts confidence in the viewer that they will be able to take this whole world in stride, no matter how aggressively strange it all becomes.

Despite its failure at the box office, it eventually became a cult film and fans have not given up hope for a sequel. Between the time that has passed since its premiere, Constantine – 46% made it to television with the Constantine series – 72%, released in 2014 and starring Matt Ryan, which only had one season. This new version of the character won over the public, but many still asked the de Keanu Reeves back, especially since he was the film version and could always come back thanks to the studio and why not hang out with some of the other DC Comics characters.

After Reeves’ return to The Matrix universe with The Matrix 4, Constantine’s fan energy is intact even though a sequel might not happen, but is it necessary? Considering what the current Hollywood landscape is like, it may sound cliché, but there are reasons why Constantine 2 it should happen and they are the ones that we will mention below.

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This is a great time for R-rated movies

Constantine – 46% is often regarded as a box office flop, but the most optimistic say it performed modestly. Either way, for Warner Bros. it will always be a disaster, but there is an infuriating reason why the movie has fared this way despite being promising. Director Francis Lawrence revealed that production issues played a role and elaborated during the film’s 15th anniversary panel at Comic-Con 2020 (via Cheat Sheet).

Originally when we all started [la película], we thought it was going to be an R-rated movie. [Warner Bros.] He later dictated that it had to be PG-13 because of what it cost. And we actually got a list of guidelines … and we followed those rules to the letter.

Sin embargo, la Motion Picture Association of America igual le dio a Constantine – 46% rated R because of his tone, and not only was that not in the guidelines the director received, it compromised his vision for no real reason. It is never a good idea for a studio to hire a director to be the ones who end up doing most of the work themselves because their demands compromise the ideas and vision of the person who is supposed to be directing a movie.

Today we know that a film directed at an adult audience, either because of its violence or its tone, can be successful. We have as examples, just within the same category, Deadpool – 84% and Joker – 91%, both as productions based on comics and starring actors who like Keanu Reeves many love. Maybe in 2005 it wasn’t destined to do well at the box office, but now, and with audiences asking for a sequel, it could be the best opportunity for Warner Bros. as long as it doesn’t meddle too much in the process.

We want the ideas for the sequel to come true

In the same appearance that the director and producer of Constantine made – 46% during Comic-Con 2020 they discussed their ideas for the film’s sequel. According to Akiva Goldsman, the R rating was going to be “doubly justified” due not only to the tone but because a second film was going to be harsher; It should be remembered that in the first they had the intention of obtaining the PG-13 classification due to the insistence of the study and they did not succeed. This already gives us an idea of ​​what a sequel would look like, but in that panel they mentioned that they both thought about making Constantine wake up in a cell in New York, next to Jesus himself. They also commented that it’s hard to keep the studio happy with the kind of movie Constantine is – 46%, since it’s not all action, rather the movie is actually a mix of various things that include demons throwing themselves at a man who is going to drive them out.

It could finally be canon in the DCEU

With the announcement that the Flash movie as a comic book adaptation Flashpoint, it is clear to us that Warner Bros. intention is to reform the DCEU and introduce the multiverse on the big screen. In this way it would be easy to introduce the Constantine of Keanu Reeves in the franchise and we believe that these plans are already underway with the announcement of the adaptation of Justice League: Dark On HBO Max, and as many fans know, the character is a founding member of the team and crucial to its formation. However, while many have been quick to endorse Reeves as the DCEU version of Constantine, the actor is not to be forgotten. Matt Ryan, who is still ingrained in character. However, the possibility of seeing Keanu again remains standing even if his return is only for a cameo thanks to the fact that we will see other actors like Michael Keaton reprising the roles they once played in the DC Comics adaptations. Seeing Constantine himself from the 2005 film is made possible by this project and we know that we are not the only ones who think it would be great to see him.

Popular culture is better acquainted with him and he could become one of the faces of the franchise

Let’s be clear: mainstream pop culture was unfamiliar with John Constantine in 2005. The character has appeared in other adaptations and might have a stronger presence in pop culture consciousness today, but 2005 audiences were unaware. nothing about the character. This was an introduction for them and that means it was also something totally new. Unfortunately, introducing brand new intellectual properties is hard to sell. There is so much going on with many superheroes these days for audiences to line up for them, but a character like John Constantine was too risky a commodity for people to bet their money on a ticket. Almost two decades after its release, we think the sequel to Constantine – 46% will do better and could even give more fame to a character who could lead a part of the franchise.

Any excuse is good to see Keanu Reeves (in DC or Marvel)

Keanu Reeves He has always been a film personality much loved by the public and if something is missing is to appear in the new generation of films based on Marvel or DC comics, or even as one of their superheroes. We don’t know if Constantine 2 It will come to fruition, but we want to see it back on paper. If it is not achieved, then it could appear at any time in one of the films that Marvel Studios is preparing, since several reports have been mentioning for some time that the actor is always under consideration by this study, which apparently is waiting for the right moment to make you an offer. The general public is delighted with the idea, so it is certain that if something is confirmed at some point everyone will be happy with the news.

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