Raquel Welch, the sexiest of all, turns 80 this Saturday

“Hi, I’m Raquel Welch, and I’m Bolivian”, this is how the actress appeared in a Press conference at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, in 1997, where she was one of the special guests and whose simple presence generated expectation and a lot of curiosity. And it was about who in the 60s and 70s was considered one of the most beautiful and the sexiest in the world.

Her turns 80 this Saturday, September 3, and will spend them in the tranquility of his home, in California, USA, with his relatives. Now this withdrawal from public life and he dedicates himself only to rest, since he says that he worked a lot in his life.

His story

Was born as I Raquel Tejada, In Chicago. His father was the immigrant and Bolivian engineer Armando Tejada Urquizo, and his mother the American Josephine Sarah Hall. The actress tells that Spanish was never spoken at home, that there was never reference to Bolivia and that she was the one who investigated and became interested in her father’s homeland, where she has relatives.

He started in show business thanks to the Beauty contests. As a young girl, she won several of them, then she was a swimsuit model and advertising, until she was given the opportunity to debut in the cinema, nothing less than in a movie with Elvis Presley, which was called Roustabout. He only had one supporting role, enough for other producers to notice her, thanks to its beauty.

In 1959 married James Welch, when I was 19 years old. From him he took his last name that made it famous and it keeps it to this day. Their marriage lasted only five years and they had two children, Damon and Tahnee Welch. Then he married three more times, but still separated. Now he lives without a partner.

In 1965 he had his first leading role at the cinema, Swingin summer. Although his performance did not get good reviews, the film was successful at the box office and above all he opened the great doors of Hollywood, thanks to his statuesque figure.

Critics of the time found that Raquel Welch had a different beauty. She was not the typical Anglo-Saxon blonde, nor was she brunette or Afro-descendant. They were His Latin, Bolivian features, the ones that drew attention. Her high cheekbones, her full lips and large mouth, her raised eyebrows and that walk that only Hispanics haveIt was what drove Hollywood crazy.

They called her simply The body and Life magazine rated it as the most beautiful living being on earth. It is not tall, it is only 1.68 m tall, enough to get everyone’s attention. He went on to become the sex symbol of the time.

His consecration came when he worked in 1966 in the film A million of years before Christ, where she only wore a leather bikini and she showed her statuesque figure, despite the fact that she was already the mother of two children.

In his youth never had cosmetic surgery. She said her figure was latin genetics, that he ate healthy and exercised, and above all that he was happy.

He became a huge Hollywood celebrity. All the producers wanted her have in her movies, because she guaranteed blockbusters because the public wanted to see her and they loved her. He got to work on 37 films and some soap operas. His last tape was in 2017, How to be a latin lover where he shares credits with Salma Hayek, Rob Lowe and Eugenio Derbez.

He shared work with many famous directors and actors such as Frank Sinatra, Marcelo Mastroiani, Dean Martin, Burt Reynolds, Chalton Heston, Fernando Lamas, Richard Burton, Jean Paul Belmondo, Bill Cosby, among others.

He participated in memorable films, between them 100 rifles, Bedazzled, Blue Beard, The Prince and the Pauper. The film for which he received a Golden Globe award for best actress in a comedy or musical in 1974 It was The Three Musketeers, which was so successful that the following year they The four musketeers.

He also had outstanding participation in the musical theater on Broadway. In the 80s he was the protagonist of Woman of the year and of Victor Victoria, in Las Vegas he had several appearances as a singer and comedian.

His relationship with Bolivia

Always has recognized his Bolivian ancestrya. He regrets not having learned Spanish well or visiting his father’s homeland as a young man. However, he had the pleasure of stepping on the homeland of his ancestors. Raquel Welch was in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in August 2002, as a special guest of the Ibero-American Film Festival, where received the TatĂș Tumpa award, for his artistic career.

She was declared a distinguished guest by the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, received some of his Bolivian relatives, with whom he spoke briefly and participated in a gala dinner that was organized in his honor at the Los Tajibos hotel.

Her, Raquel Welch, the famous Bolivian-born actress, The Body, the sexiest woman in the world of the 60s and 70s, this Saturday, September 3 turns 80. She is still beautiful, she retains those Latin features that made her so famous.