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The actress was awarded for her artistic career and did not hesitate to talk about her Hispanic heritage that runs through her veins. Find out what he said about his Bolivian father.

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Raquel Welch, 74, who fought against Hollywood to keep her name and explored her Latino roots as an adult, received this Saturday an award for artistic career from the National Association of Independent Latino Producers (NALIP, for its acronym in English) and the actress recognized as one of the sexual symbols of the 70s, spoke of her Hispanic heritage and her Bolivian roots.

“I believe that when you are of Anglo-Saxon and Latino descent, your Hispanic side prevails. It has to do with your temperament and your essence ”, said the artist with a Bolivian father. “I think I was more sensual than a lot of the girls in my school. I don’t think I had anything special but I could see that I had some things on my chromosomes, I could clearly notice my father’s blood ”.

Jo-Raquel Tejada recalls one of the first times she had to fight for her identity. It was a school day and she came home tired of being called Jo. He preferred his middle name, even though it sounded exotic at the time. Her American mother, who had named her Jo in honor of her name, Josephine, went to school the next day and asked to be left alone as Rachel.

Unconsciously, Tejada had won a key battle over her Hispanic heritage, an issue she mostly put aside after assuming the last name of her first husband and become the sex symbol known as Raquel Welch.

However, and although I hardly speak Spanish, the mythical movie star considers his Hispanicity to be part of his essence.

“I think language is very important to our identity and not being able to speak it is a bit … Sometimes I feel isolated from that part of me, and yet I feel very Hispanic. My essence is Latino, ”Welch said in English in a recent telephone interview with The Associated Press.

Welch has taken Spanish classes, but says he doesn’t speak it well and that this causes him uncertainty.

“Do you think I’m a traitor because I don’t speak Spanish?” She asked the reporter during the interview.

Commented that He did not learn to speak Spanish because his father, Armando Tejada, did not speak his native language at home.

“He wanted to protect us from some of the inconveniences and, according to him, prejudices against people who speak with an accent,” he said. “I really wish he had spoken Spanish at home, because that would come naturally to me.”

Welch said he has no regrets in his career, during which he struggled to get out of roles that exploited his image.