Quentin Tarantino’s original cast list for Pulp Fiction cast released

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A new tweet has revealed who were the people Quentin Tarantino originally wanted for the lead roles in Pulp Fiction.

Tarantino’s crime film is one of the most acclaimed of the 1990s, but if the director had gone for his first choices, it would have been very different.

John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson star in the film as Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield, but according to the rough cast list (shared on Twitter by author Don Winslow and others), both actors were runner-ups for their respective roles.

When it came to writing down who he wanted for the characters, Tarantino opted for Michael Madsen, with whom he had already worked on Reservoir Dogs in 1992, and Laurence Fishburne.

He also scored Jackson for the role of Marcellus Wallace, a character who was eventually played by his first choice: Ving Rhames.

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Other actors who ran for the role of Vincent were Alec Baldwin, Gary Oldman, and Michael Keaton, while he also cast Eddie Murphy for Jules.

Interestingly, the name Bruce Willis is nowhere to be found for Butch; in fact, the role was written for Matt Dillion. Other actors in the fray were Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, Aidan Quinn and Johnny Depp, who was also considered for the role of the restaurant robber Pumpkin (Tim Roth).

Tarantino’s first-choice roles, alongside Marcellus, were The Wolf (Harvey Keitel) and Koons (Christopher Walken).

Other interesting points are that Uma Thurman, who played Mia Wallace, was not one of the 16 actors Tarantino had scored, and that the role of Jody ended up being played by Rosanna Arquette, the sister of Tarantino’s first choice, Patricia.

For Mia, the actors Tarantino had originally envisioned were Virginia Madsen, Alfre Woodard, Bridget Fonda, Angela Bassett and Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Beals.


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