‘Princess Swap 3’, ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’ and other movies and series where you can also see Vanessa Hudgens

This year, Vanessa Hudgens has been very active, as we can see her in ‘Princess Swap 3’ and ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’. However, now we will review other good productions in which the actress has appeared.

Over 10 years ago we met Vanessa Hudgens as a musical film star with High School Musical, where she played the smart and kind Gabriella Montez. Following the success of the trilogy, Vanessa embarked on a singing career that paid off.. The actress went on to have minor roles in various Hollywood titles, and by 2010 she was cast for one of the most relevant characters in musical theater: Mimi Marquez in Rent: Live!, the partially live Fox show, based on the work of Jonathan Larson, a prominent Broadway author who died at age 35, on the same day as the first New York performance of Rent.

The connection is curious and we love it: Vanessa participates this year in Tick, Tick … Boom !, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut which tells the life story of Jonathan Larson. Exactly, the writer of Rent! Vanessa Hudgens has been everywhere lately, growing in popularity since 2018, with the premiere of Princess Swap, one of Netflix’s favorite Christmas titles, which recently is premiering its third part. If you, like us, love Vanessa Hudgens’ career revival, here we present other titles where you can follow his work.

Princess Exchange 3

Princess Exchange 3

1h 46min

Directed by
Mike Rohl

Vanessa Hudgens,
Nick Sagar,
Remy Hii,
Amanda Donohoe,
Will Kemp


Spring Breakers: Living on the Edge

In Spring Breakers: Living on the Edge, Hudgens gave life to Candy, one of the four college girls who seek new and intense experiences which include robbing a restaurant.

Machete Kills

In Machete Kills, she plays Cherry Desdemona, daughter of Madame Desdemona, one of the key characters of this action film.

Boss by accident

The actress plays Zoe Franklin, daughter of the CEO of the company where Jennifer Lopez’s character comes to work, in Boss by accident. At first he is not a saint of his devotion but little by little they become allies.

High School Musical

High School Musical It was, without a doubt, the film trilogy that changed Vanessa Hudgens’ life in every way. In all three films she gave life to Gabriella Montez.

Rent: Live!

On Rent: Live!, the actress plays Mimi Marquez, a character who is obsessed with dancing, but who also suffers a tragic end.

The knight of christmas

The Knight of Christmas is a very ad hoc film with this era. In it, the actress in question plays Brooke, a teacher who helps Sir Cole on his journey from medieval times to the present.