prevent a robbery with a flying kick to thieves who were riding a motorcycle

Some images corresponding to the municipality of Pereira (Colombia) have become very viral on social networks because they are more typical of an action movie than of a daily scene of the day to day.

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Judith del Rio

In them we can see through what appears to be a fixed security camera, how a woman is walking down the street followed by a motorcyclist. Immediately afterwards, we realize that the two are in cahoots and that their purpose is to steal an object from inside a car that appears to be open. The girl executes the maneuver and gets into the vehicle.

The robbery takes place in broad daylight, with which several neighbors realize what has just happened and try to catch up to the neighborhood by screaming and a girl can even be seen running after the motorcycle. However, when everything indicated that the thieves would be victorious, a man appears who attacks them frontally with a flying kick. The narrator of the video baptizes him as ‘Jackie Chan’ due to the similarity of his technique with that of the famous actor specializing in martial arts.

The kick manages to stop the leak of the photo, and not happy with that, the Colombian ‘Jackie Chan’ also stops both thieves when they tried to run away. First, grabbing the driver with the help of other neighbors and then chasing the girl with a powerful sprint down the street. A scene worthy of a street vigilante. The video is accompanied at all times by a descriptive narration of the events and the combination of both has made it one of the most viral documents in recent days.

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