A crazy, incompetent, clumsy character, but… extremely funny and effective. Instead of clearing up a police case, she made it even more complicated with several of her hilarious disasters, which became classics over time starring an actor who took her very well in that role: Peter Sellers. Moreover, when he stopped doing it, due to his physical disappearance, “Inspector Clouseau” had already decayed, and it was not the same played by other protagonists. It was in “The Pink Panther” that Jacques Clouseau made his debut in 1963. In the film, the main role is that of David Niven as Sir Charles Lytton, who is also called “The Phantom”, an elusive jewel thief, and brilliant , who puts together the plan to steal “The Pink Panther”, an expensive diamond. “Inspector Clouseau” has a supporting role, providing humorous situations in the film. But after the release of the feature film, viewers liked Clouseau much more, so the following productions were starred by him. Unlike all the other realizations, Clouseau is married. His wife, Simone -Capucine- unknowingly Clouseau, is Sir Charles’s mistress and aids him in his crimes. A total comedy.


“A shot in the dark” would arrive, known as “The new case of Inspector Clouseau”, the following year, in 1964, based on a play in which the character of Clouseau was included. In order not to go unnoticed, and to add something else to his performance, Sellers began to apply an exaggerated French accent that quickly became something very classic Inspector. Here, also make their first presence, the head of Clouseau, the commissioner Charles Dreyfus -Herbert Lom- who went crazy, before the tremendous errors of Clouseau, and his servant, Cato Fong -Burt Kwouk- who is instructed by the own Clouseau to attack him when he least expects it, just to keep his reflexes ready. Peter Sellers stopped embodying his character after this film, and only returned for “The Return of the Pink Panther”, 1975, “The Pink Panther Strikes Again”, 1976, and “Revenge of the Pink Panther”, 1978.


In “Return of the Pink Panther”, Clouseau changes his way of dressing, and tries to recover the diamond “The Pink Panther” stolen by “The Ghost” in a previous film. “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” follows the story following the ending of “Return of the Pink Panther”, with Dreyfus turned into a madman who creates a criminal syndicate and builds a destroying machine to blackmail the world in order to liquidate Clouseau. . Archival scenes from this film were used to include Sellers in “On the Trail of the Pink Panther.” According to the comments on the “Return of the Pink Panther” dvd, Sellers and Edwards intended to produce a television series in the UK based on Clouseau, but ended up making a new film, “Revenge of the Pink Panther”. which ignores the death of Dreyfus at the end of the previous film, and features Clouseau investigating a conspiracy to assassinate him, after a transvestite criminal is mistakenly killed in his place. The film was successful and led to more productions planned after Sellers’ death in 1980; Besides this, several biographies of Sellers reveal that he was preparing the production of a new Clouseau film, “The Romance of the Pink Panther”, shortly before his disappearance. After Sellers left, the public missed his character, and stopped giving importance to the film strip. Other actors passed, but nothing was the same.


Peter Sellers was born under the name of Richard Henry Sellers, in Southsea, Hampshire, on September 8, 1925, dying in London, on July 24, 1980. Being a member of the Order of the British Empire, he was noted for his work as actor and comedian. He began his career with the comedy group The Goons, whose series “The Goon Show” in the form of a radio drama on BBC radio had a great influence on English society from 1951 to 1960. After being famous, during the 1950s, the actor He rose to world fame in the next decade, when he was crowned one of the most popular comedy faces in cinema. Her most important roles include those she did in “Lolita,” 1962, “Dr. Strangelove “, 1964, both directed by Stanley Kubrick,” The Party “-” The unforgettable party “- from 1968, and logically for the five films in the” Pink Panther “series, directed by Blake Edwards.
The character of “Inspector Clouseau” would later be turned into a cartoon in “The Pink Panther Show.” Beyond nostalgia.