‘Partners and Hounds’ continues the film with Tom Hanks with humor and some mystery

The continuation of successful films in the 80s and 90s is an unstoppable trend on platforms. Disney + looks for theirs with ‘Partners and Hounds’, in which to the formula of the very orderly policeman with a disastrous dog is added a certain mystery and a cast full of old acquaintances of the house who are delighted to work on such a series .

For Marina Such – 19 Jul 2021

The peak months of summer will belong on Disney + to the series that the whole family can enjoy without major problem. If, for example, the galactic adventures of Star wars The bad consignment They are not to everyone’s taste or the Marvel series have already been seen, there is the option of approaching Partners and hounds, which hits the platform on July 21 and continues the plot of one of the blockbusters with Tom Hanks from the late 80s.

In the original story, Hanks played a policeman who loves order and cleanliness who was suddenly seen with a huge dog That drooled everything and destroyed her car and house, but it helped her solve the case she was working on. To adapt it to a series, Disney has relied on Matt Nix, who has already shown that he could combine action, spies and humor in Final warning, and that places the son of Hanks’ character as the protagonist.

Portrayed by Josh Peck (a Disney Channel series classic as a teenager), Scott Turner has the same love-hate relationship with the dogAlthough this will obviously improve your life without you realizing it. “I think that a little chaos is A, inevitable, and B, usually it can take you to a better place in your life if you handle it well and embrace it,” explains Peck in an online meeting with the international press: “When we see it for He’s too stiff for the first time, and this dog helps him get out of hiding for good. “

Scott has a sister (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) with a more complicated life than his because he has a young son whom he raises alone. Also, she has the papers that her father left when he died and she is convinced that the old case she was investigating has something to do with her death, as much as Scott tries to ignore him. “She is overwhelmed, works excessively and is exhausted,” explains Fonseca, adding that “I think in the pilot you can see that the relationship between the siblings is strong, but they lead separate lives. The father’s case not only gives Laura a objective, but it gives them something that unites them. ” With these elements, plus Scott’s colleagues at work, the series is concocted, which does not forget the occasional more nostalgic touch.

For example, there is a whole episode that honors The jungle of crystal and features one of the actors from the original cast of Partners and hounds, Reginald VelJohnson, whom Spanish viewers also remember for being the father of Home stuff. His role is more focused on helping his former partner’s children solve the mystery, and the actor confesses that working with a new group of actors helped him regain his old character from the movie: “Our personalities fit right in. It was. A pleasure to work with so many good people. I didn’t even think about the previous cast because it was a new experience and they all knew how to do their jobs very well. “

The investigation that Scott and his sister carry out on what their father was doing before he died is only the excuse to maintain the plot of this new Partners and hounds moving. What really matters is the light tone of his adventures and how many of its characters are not taken too seriously even if they more than prove their worth. And, obviously, how the presence of Hooch also takes them out of their particular comfort zones, although working with the dogs was sometimes a challenge.

Hooch is the big star of ‘Partners and Hounds’. / Farah Nosh (Disney +)

“They do a good job emphasizing and exploring this idea of ​​a person in their daily commute and how they end up having a window to the animal’s perception of the world and how that ends up being a learning moment,” says Anthony Ruivivar, who plays the boss. Scott in the police. The dogs also forced the actors to be much more open to improvising anytime.

Brandon Jay McLaren, another of Scott’s teammates, tells an anecdote in which “I was driving and Hooch was behind and then he starts licking my ear, and I was like what is that? And it wasn’t in the script. . We have to thank our creators, our producers, who let us do basically what we wanted. They always gave us a couple of takes where they told us to say what we came up with. ” For Josh Peck, the unpredictability of the three dogs that took turns playing Hooch It was priceless: “For me as an actor, anything that can derail my plans and force me to be in the moment is a gift. And it’s amazing how your priorities changed throughout the season.”

Partners and hounds It mixes humor for the whole family, a few drops of mystery, romantic comedy and action in the best style of the cinema of the 80s, and Disney + is confident that this recipe will convince its audience.