Parents with the face of in-laws; the celebrities with the most beautiful daughters of the show

Far from any movie, song or achievement professional, the greatest creation of any artist, are often their own children, and in this sense, within the entertainment world, there are various fathers that, in addition to his fame international, have earned the recognition of audiences because have at daughters most beautiful and talented of the guild.

It is precisely under this panorama that, within the world of showbiz, some heiresses of famous stars have shown that they also they have the talent of their famous fathers.

Now, on the occasion of Father’s Day, found next to be celebrated on June 20, now we remember those who have become the inlaws most sought after in the world of stars.

Phil Collins

The famous singer who is recognized worldwide for his musical work within films animated iconic, such as Tarzan or Land of the Bears, in addition to the fact that Collins is one of the three pop artists, along with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, who have sold more than 100 million albums all over the world both in his solo career and as part of a band.

However, it is not only his fame that makes him stand out, but Collins He is considered one of the famous in-laws within the world of the show. This because he is the father of Lily, who has made a place with his talent.
Collins’ daughter is 30 years old and an actress; began his career in 2009 and has performed in the films Tolkien and Ted Bundy: Sleeping With Him KillerIn addition, he worked on the Les Miserables miniseries that aired on the BBC.

Sylvester Stallone

The 73-year-old actor is considered one of the most successful within the industry, this is due to the fact that he established himself as a big-screen actor by interpreting the acclaimed films of “Rocky”.

Within this list, the famous An actor who showed talent for the sport of gloves, he is considered the most famous ‘father-in-law’, since Stallone not only has a beautiful and talented daughter, but also has three.

The first of his daughters is Sophia, with 22 years, then follows Sistine, 21 and the youngest, Scarlet 17, product of his relationship with model Jennifer Flavin.

The three bthem and talented young women, have decided to dabble in acting and despite not having leading roles of high recognition, the three have dazzled on the red carpets along with their father, in addition to being influencers on their Instagram accounts.

Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona is recognized internationally for his themes and compositions full of love or heartbreak, and enriched as peculiar rhymes.

In this sense, the Guatemalan singer-songwriter who generally sings to life is not only famous and internationally recognized thanks to his music, but also for his beautiful and talented daughter.

It’s about his daughter, the Puerto Rican Adria 27, who spent his childhood in the Mexico City, but later he left the country to work in productions of international stature, this because he gave the jump to drama and action.

His talent has been immortalized in series such as Person of Interest, Emerald City, Narcos, True Detective and Good Omens, in addition to the fact that Ricardo Arjona’s famous daughter is confirmed for the film Morbius, film that stars Jared Leto.