Owen Wilson and how his nose is his best feature

Owen Wilson is found again in our lives thanks to the series of Disney+, Loki, where he plays the Mobius agent. In the series, the actor appears with a completely different appearance to how we have seen him in the past. Here he finally leaves behind his long blond hair, and his face shaved by a small mustache and a tip full of gray. However, the man is immediately recognizable due to his on-screen personality, distinctive voice, and that nose that has even become a kind of statement.

Owen Wilson: on noses and impact

While other artists would seek perfection in front of the screen, fixing any “imperfections” through surgery, Owen Wilson, who will be part of the next Wes Anderson film, has maintained his broken nose as part of your image. According to the accounts, the man broke it twice in his youth. The first was during a school fight, and the second was during a football game with his friends. However, the man was never inclined to fix it, and while some would doubt whether it would be an accepted item in Hollywood, it was. Wilson became one of the highest paid actors of the 2000s, appearing in multiple comedies and even being part of a film by Woody Allen. The actor does not usually talk about this element (and few dare to ask him about it) but in one of his few statements about it he mentioned: “You know? Maybe my nose would not be so recognized if it weren’t broken. ” But why did you make that decision that turned out to be so successful?

One of the elements that may have influenced this is the way the actor visually separates himself from his brother Luke Wilson, who also became a favorite actor early in the decade. The two are quite similar, having the same face, eyes and even have similarity in their way of speaking and acting. So, being so similar, a unique characteristic was needed to separate them, that was the nose. Other than that, Wilson He adopted his famous image with blonde hair, which carried over into his films, being one of the few actors to bring all his elements of reality to the cinema. That made him more recognizable, a bit more commonplace than any other actor, and it certainly influenced his success (we can’t wait to see him in Wedding Crashers 2).

The subject is interesting, since we can remember the case of Barbara Streisand, who has stated that many people suggested that he have surgery nose, to which she refused because not only could she change the way she sounded when singing, but it would take away all her identifiable element and what made her recognizable to other people.

We can also think about the case of Jennifer Grey, famous actress of the 80s, who was one of the most recognized faces of the era for her nose, which gave him a different appearance from other figures of the time. Despite this, the woman decided to have surgery, which – according to some – could have cost her her place at the top of Hollywood during the 90s, and although she returned to the screen since the 2000s, the impact she had had on screen.

Wilson, for his part, remains proud of his nose and he has made it his most important element, along with other characteristics, including his already typical “Wow”. This keeps him away from any other Hollywood hunk, but keeping the same following. His return to Loki shows that the screens needed him, and this could be another milestone in his career.