Oscar Isaac will be the protagonist of “Moon Knight”

The news from Marvel do not stop: Oscar Isaac has been confirmed As the protagonist from the new series Moon Knight in order to Disney+. The cinematographer, Gregory Middleton, it has announced in its account from Instagram.

Although there had already been talk of Oscar Isaac as one of the options, until now nothing had been confirmed for no member from serie. Isaac is an actor with long haul, known for its papers on films independent What Ex-Machina, Inside Llewyn Davis, Annihilation and his interpretation from Apocalypse on X-Men: Apocalipsis. Already worked with Disney interpreting the pilot from Endurance Poe Dameron on the last trilogy from Star Wars.

Yet they don’t know more details on serie, but it is expected that Isaac interpret to Marc Spector aka Moon Knight O Moon Knight, a ex-mercenary Y agent from CIA what’s wrong with it multiple personalities and whose powers They were granted for him Egyptian god Khonshu. Although there was already Attempts to make a adaptation of these comics, this will be the first time that we will see Marc Spector in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mohamed Diab, egyptian director known from the movie Clash, will direct most of the episodes With Justin Benson Y Aaron Moorhead. Jeremy Slater, screenwriter known for The Umbrella Academy, has also joined the team.

Marvel’s Moon Knight will be one of the series who join the universe from Marvel Studios from Disney+. The draft it was announced by first time on the annual convention from D23 on 2019. It is expected that the filming start in March on Budapest, but still There is not a release date expected.

In the meantime, we can to enjoy from Scarlet Witch and Vision the January 15, Falcon and the Winter Soldier the March, 19, Loki the June 9 and later on Hawkeye, She-Hulk Y Ms. Marvel. It seems that in 2021 we will not miss contents from Marvel.