Oscar Isaac says that Pedro Pascal is his girlfriend

Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac are one of the most popular acting duos in Hollywood, all thanks to their role in renowned films. Of Chilean and Guatemalan birth, respectively, both have climbed to the highest rungs of the industry and have won the affection of the public like few others. But the love between them is also a reality. For Remix, Isaac talks about his bond with Pedro and assures that she is “his girlfriend.”

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They rose to global fame in relatively new years and now dominate Hollywood as few Latin American actors have. While Oscar Isaac noted for his work in films such as Ex Machina – 93%, X-Men: Apocalipsis – 48%, Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 92% or Annihilation – 84%, Pedro Pascal has gained popularity thanks to The Mandalorian – 91%, The Great Wall – 35%, Game of Thrones – 59% and Narcos – 90%. They have been seen together in various interviews and other public appearances, in addition, there are many photographs of both having a good time.

Oscar Isaac already appeared in Star Wars and very soon he will do it in Duna – 75%, films that take place in the corners of the confines of space and that involve travel at the speed of light. When Remezcla asked the actor which star he would like to star in his next sci-fi job with, these were his words:

I would have to mention my sweet girlfriend, Pedro. My girlfriend. We are two sisters. Space sisters. That is my baby. It’s my Pedro.

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Will the future give us an interstellar travel movie alongside Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac? Only time will give us the answer. For now, Pascal is already filming the third season of The Mandalorian, his own space adventure in which we will see him again as Din Djarin, that character who has won the affection of the fandom of Star Wars and that he has a lot of future ahead of him. Although no details about the plot have been revealed, fans are confident that Djarin will leave the helmet behind and from now on we will be able to see his face, giving opportunity to Pedro to exploit the dramatic potential of the character.

Without a doubt, The Mandalorian is one of Lucasfilm’s biggest hits in recent years. After the bumpy passage of the sequel trilogy, films that even fans of the brand prefer to be forgotten, the story of the bounty hunter has captivated everyone and returned to the world the classic spirit of Star Wars that everyone remembers. The first two seasons were a success and we will know very soon what will happen in the third; It is clear that Lucasfilm will not end the story of Din and Grogu anytime soon, he must first extract all the possible benefits.

For its part, Oscar Isaac keep promoting Dune. The film was released in some countries several weeks ago and very soon it will arrive in America to sweep the billboard. Although it is already available on illegal platforms, from Tomatazos we recommend its viewing in theaters, which will undoubtedly drive the development of an extensive franchise by Denis Villeneuve.

On Dune, Oscar Isaac plays Duke Leto Atreides, leader of a respected noble house that is forced to assume control of a fiefdom on the desert planet Arrakis, this with the aim of managing trade but especially the movement of the melange spice, unique in the universe. known. The duke goes through a lot of suffering when he wants to protect his family, but at the same time feeling cornered by his enemies; Own Isaac mentioned his character traits to Showbiz last year:

He is absolutely human and is doomed to fail in the way that humans are. He is under incredible pressure to save his family, save his home but also to adapt to this new situation of existential threat, moving to this strange planet and being forced to see that there could be a trap. There are many things involved, however, we are trying to live up to those higher ideals that are sensitivity, empathy, love and order.

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