Oscar Isaac says Moon Knight was the biggest challenge of his career

Oscar Isaac says Moon Knight was the biggest challenge of his career

Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac has stood out in Hollywood in recent years, with roles that have earned him critical acclaim, such as Ex Machina (93%), and others that made him tremendously popular, such as his character Poe Dameron in Star Wars. : The Force Awakens (92%), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (91%) and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (61%). As for the superhero subgenre, Isaac had a very bad experience being part of X-Men: Apocalypse (48%), because the makeup and costume he was wearing were very uncomfortable and the voices had to be re-recorded due to the sound he made when moving.

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Now with the series Moon Knight, the actor joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has a second chance in the superhero subgenre, but with the difference that he is now in the hands of a study that has proven to know how to tell stories and please the masses and critics by equal. But if some had doubts about the effort that is being put into production, they should know that bringing Moon Knight to life has been the greatest challenge in Isaac’s career, as he stated in a recent interview with Variety.

His words are not to be taken lightly. Let’s remember that Isaac was part of Star Wars, a saga that Benicio del Toro said in 2017 was bigger than Marvel, and more recently he was part of the cast of Duna (80%), a Denis Villeneuve tape that was also about mass production. So we can expect a series with very big ambitions, and if those ambitions are achieved, it will be something very special. These were the actor’s statements:

Talking with [el Jefe Creativo de Marvel Entertainment] Kevin [Feige], I told him that I was going to come up with these great ideas, and that if he didn’t like them, it was only fair. And immediately, we saw it all. I found a lot of space to do things that I had never done before and was curious and eager to do. I couldn’t wait to get going, and it was the biggest workload I’ve ever had in my career and the most challenging; because of the sheer amount of things we had to do in eight months, and still, I couldn’t wait to get to work.

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As excited as Oscar Isaac fans must be there to see this Disney Plus series that will arrive sometime in 2022, although there is still no confirmed date. If something is clear to us with everything that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has released so far, it is that there is room for news that continues to excite fans as they did 13 years ago when Iron Man – El Hombre de Hierro (93%) hit theaters. The number of superheroes and stories that the company has at its disposal is immense and as long as they continue to do a good job like the one they have done so far, success is still assured.

In addition to Moon Knight, Marvel is preparing series of She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion. Later we will also have a second season of Loki (96%), and although it is not known if there will be more seasons of WandaVision (95%) and Falcon and the Winter Soldier (97%), the protagonists of these will return in the films that are in development. Wanda Maximoff will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Sam Wilson, formerly Falcon, will return in a new Captain America film.

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There are many potential projects that Marvel has at its disposal, with so many decades and so many comics, the stories do not seem to be close to ending, and it is more logical to assume that there will be a fatigue of the superhero subgenre to think that they will run out of ideas to adapt . However, the day is not near when movies and series about hooded lose their current popularity, since they have dominated the industry for at least a decade.