Oscar Isaac offers new impressions on the series ‘Moon Knight’

Actor Oscar Isaac is currently in the city of Budapest filming “Moon Knight”, his new Marvel Studios series that, like the rest of the productions integrated into the MCU, will arrive exclusively for Disney +, although so far there is no information clear about its possible release date.

In the virtual edition of San Diego Comic-Con, Isaac was part of the panel dedicated to “Head Wounds Sparrow”, a comic in which he collaborated as a co-creator. During the panel, the actor did not miss the opportunity to reveal to his fans some impressions about “Moon Knight”, of which he anticipated that it will be exceptionally “wild”.

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I’m here on the set of ‘Marvel’s Moon Knight’. We are deep in here. It has been great. It will be a very, very wild show and I’m excited to talk about this in the future.

‘Moon Knight’ ‘began filming at the beginning of the year and it is expected that its principal photography work will be completed sometime in August, although there would still be a long time for its editing and, if needed, the elaboration of its special effects. The series will feature Ethan Hawke as the main antagonist.

Photo: Marvel Comics

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Oscar Isaac will play Marc Spector, who in the pages of Marvel Comics is presented as a former mercenary who, after almost dying in the desert and being rescued by worshipers of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, has a “vision” of this deity. in which he has supposedly been chosen as his “avatar” on earth.

In a recent talk with the podcast The Watch, Ethan Hawke praised the work of director Mohammed Diab, as well as feeling fortunate for the creative freedom that the show presented as a lesser known character to popular audiences. Hawke was also impressed by Isaac’s discipline and delivery on set.