Oscar Isaac had a ska band … and he even opened up for Green Day

It is no secret to anyone that music and cinema get along very well. It is common to see that a lot of important Hollywood actors, in addition to being spectacular in front of the camera, also raffle like the greats when it comes to composing songs and playing an instrument. But without any doubt, we had no idea that Oscar Isaac, before starring in big box office productions, I was in a band and apparently they had a future.

It turns out that a few days ago and thanks to the magic of the internet of things, unpublished images emerged from when the Guatemalan actor –Which we have seen in the last trilogy of Star Wars and on tapes like Drive, Ex-Machina, X-Men: Apocalypsehe was interested in pursuing a musical career in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. And believe it or not, things were serious, so much so that they opened up to large groups.

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Oscar Isaac really wanted to succeed in music

In accordance with NME, during all this time Oscar Isaac was in a lot of bands, between them The Worms, Closet Heterosexuals, Petrified Frogs y The Blinking Underdogs. But the latter –which by the way, played ska and punk– had potential to reach the big leagues, because in a concert in the middle he had a chance to be the opening act of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones y Green Day; yes, you read that right.

The actor has spoken openly about this musical stage. In fact and according to the same source, on Jimmy Kimmel’s show he briefly recounted that experience: “I was in some ska bands actually. We played a stage at a festival about five hours before (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Green Day), but that was a great thing to have on our résumé. ” Who wouldn’t have liked that opportunity? The truth.

Believe it or not: Oscar Isaac had a ska band ... and he even opened up Green Day

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And yes, we have evidence of all this

However, what stood out was that recently a photograph and videos of that stage of Oscar Isaac appeared. A Twitter user shared a photo where we can see Poe Dameron himself wearing a bandana on his head –Because the 90s–, throwing a chela and with a bad pose at the bar of a bar. There is no more context about it but we want to believe that they were waiting their turn to play.

As if this were not enough and as a result of this photo, the internet found several video clips of the actor – whom we will see soon in Dune by Denis Villeneuve – demonstrating his musical skills with some of the bands he was part of. He was the one who played bass and guitar, and although he did not do it badly, the bottom line is that it is better for him to be in front of a camera, jiar jiar. Here is the evidence of all this.