Oscar Awards 2021 | Viola Davis remembered Chadwick Boseman | Spoiler

The Oscar awards 2021 are marked by emotion. In addition to celebrating the continuation of the film industry after a year stigmatized by the pandemic, which ruined many productions, many actors who died in 2020 will also be fondly remembered.

Among the artists who lost their lives last year is Chadwick Boseman, known worldwide for his role as Black Panther in Marvel and who secretly fought cancer. During his treatment, the actor was on the set of Ma Raineys Black Bottom, a film in which he starred alongside Viola Davis.

Such was the success of the film that today, with the Oscar awards Already underway, both Davis and Boseman are critical favorites given the chemistry they displayed on screen. However, the actor will be one of the great absentees and her co-worker couldn’t help but remember it during her stint on the red carpet.

He was a great human being, he was everything we think he is, not only as an artist, but as a person and, many people get into the industry because they want to be famous, he entered because he wanted to be an artist and he achieved it.”Were his exact words. Evidently excited, Viola Davis also said that, for her, “there is no better experience than being here”, In reference to the biggest movie ceremony.

Viola Davis excitedly remembered Chadwick Boseman. Photo: (Getty)

On Ma Raineys Black BottomDavis played the blues singer Ma Rainey and it is precisely that role that leads her to be present at the awards today. Together with her husband, she was one of the first artists to arrive at the Union Station in Los Angeles.


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