Origin (Inception) – 2010. Leonardo DiCaprio film. Criticism, Review

Origin (Inception) is an exceptional film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio

ORigen is directed by Christopher Nolan, one of the best and most ambitious directors of today. Tenet is going to be released shortly and we hope it continues to make films because if it continues to wait for the Oscar, we are fine. Apart from this great Origin, he has signed films of such prestige as Memento, Interstellas or the recent Dunkerque, about Operation Dynamo. Five times nominated for an Oscar, no less (and in the last… almost, almost).

The movie

There is also Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor that I never liked at first but that … one has to surrender to the evidence and if you have acted in the best films of the last ten years … I shut up, I am still just as ugly but al least no one will insult me.

Renowned supporting actors such as Tom Hardy or Cillian Murphy (regulars of Nolan’s movies) and Ellen Page and the always gorgeous and elegant Marion Cotillard … well, and another regular of Nolan, the great Michael Caine.

A magnificent and meticulous production with a (brutal) budget of 168 million dollars and it even raised (remember that this only goes to cinemas), a whopping 850 million (I get lost when they give me these figures, well … what a shame ).

Origen (Inception) - 2010

Script. Great based on a great story about people who enter other people’s dreams and end up overlapping. Credible characters, fantastic and varied settings, music that engages and keeps the rhythm at all times. The costumes could have been bad but neither … the makeup and the aging of some characters well achieved.

An absolutely round film that, if you are the only ones who have not seen it, it is worth it. I’ve seen it myself a few times and it’s one of my favorites (the other two are The Wolf of Wall Street – go with Mr. DiCaprio, and I’m supposed to not like him, another Oscar they should have given him – and The life of Pi).

Our opinion

Well, that five stars. I do not care if some say that it has too many shots and that it could have been more intimate and such (to see how you convince the producer to release you 185 million then).

They are happy or unhappy, but Origin is going to love you.

Origin Trailer

Origin Images


Original title: Inception
Year: 2010
Duration: 148 min.
Country: USA
Direction: Christopher Nolan
Script: Christopher Nolan
Song: Hans Zimmer
Photography: Wally Pfister
Interpreters: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine, Dileep Rao, Lukas Haas, Pete Postlethwaite, Talulah Riley, Miranda Nolan
Producer: Co-production United States-United Kingdom; Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Production
Gender: Science fiction. Thriller. Intrigue. Action | Futuristic thriller. Robberies & robberies

Origin (2010)


The psychological Blockbuster genre is invented: for that alone we give it five stars (okay, we like it).

Quite a show.