“One of the things that gives me the most peace of mind is being vaccinated. I just got the first dose”

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The Bardem family is throwing it away. This is how he tells JALEOS the greatest of the film saga, Carlos Bardem (58 years old), in an exclusive interview given in Malaga to this medium. The actor has just presented his latest film, Lost fagot and his book, The Maverick Killer, a political novel of love, humor and death, who take it off their hands in bookstores.

“But there is not everything,” he says, “my brother Javier has just returned from Los Angeles and brings Being The Ricardos, the movie with Nicole Kidman (53) that is going to crown him with a fixed Oscar “. And the fact is that the ‘marriage’, of his brother with the Australian, is going to give a lot to talk about, the actor jokes:”Javier returns very satisfied with the filming Being The Ricardos. He and Nicole play Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, the leading couple in one of the best sitcoms ever. The characterization has been fantastic. ”

From “El Cara al sol” to “Nonconformist Murderer”

Carlos Bardem at the presentation of ‘Lost Maricón’.

Carlos Bardem is always on the crest of the wave, as far as controversy is concerned. The latest has been the tweet that has gone viral since its publication with more than 3,000 retweets and 8,000 ‘likes’, with harsh criticism of the actor, for saying that at school they forced him to sing the Face to the Sun. “I was born in the 63. The first years of the EGB we sang the Face to the Sun every morning before a crucifix flanked by photos of Franco and José Antonio. It was a public school, run by a woman from the Women’s Section. It was Madrid. 2021, hymns in schools. Anyway”.

The interpreter explains what happened to JALEOS: “These mental pirouettes are incredible. I simply shared an experience of mine and told it as it happened and look at what they put together. But we live in this curious world that when I say that I have lived something, people jump out saying that it is a lie. Depending on who says things are true or false. It is not necessary to do case. I’m used to this happening by now. “

At the moment, the actor is focused on his facet as a novelist: “I just published a novel stuck to the present. Neither more nor less than corrupt politicians. The book just hit the bookstores the day the Kitchen scandal broke, but I swear I didn’t write it the night before -he jokes-, I had already been writing it for a year and a half. I am happy because it is having a very good reception, because it is a very funny novel, which combines many genres and has a great love story in the middle “.

Pilar Bardem, your best reader

Pilar Bardem reading her son's novel.

Pilar Bardem reading her son’s novel.

Pilar Bardem has drunk in one gulp your child’s novel. “She is my best fan and I pay attention to all the criticisms she makes me, because she is tremendous and always makes me continue to grow, with the wisdom that characterizes her.” The actress is great and is having a good time: “Look, she already has all the vaccinations and it is fantastic to be able to see her with that peace of mind and enjoy her”. Carlos Bardem takes the issue of vaccines very seriously and explains that “we have all had a very bad time and we are beginning to see the light. One of the things that gives me the most peace of mind is being vaccinated. I just had the first dose It is what has to be older. I am already 58 years old and this week that we enter I have to put on the second Pfizer “.

The actor is critical of other colleagues in the entertainment world, who have been denoted as deniers. “The pandemic has given us a terrible time. Covid has conditioned everyone’s life. The vaccine is our only salvation and I let myself be guided by the one recommended by the health workers, who are the ones who know about all this. At the moment we live, being a denier can only be said by an ignorant or an evil person. “

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